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I read this book forever ago, or at least it felt like it It was probably only 5 years ago, but for the past 5 years, I always remembered the book I d read of a 3 story world whose name started with an A, a climbing boy, and the interesting pictures illustrating the world Unfortunately, if you type book climbing 3 story world sinking A into Google, Atherton The House of Power does not come up as a search result It was a complete shock when I finally found the book again when browsing through lists of books available at the library So I checked it out and read it during my classes and in bed and while I was walking until I d finished it, and it was just as good as I had remembered it being 5 years ago I had created such high expectations of this book after such a long time of wanting to read it again, and this book held up all of them So, 5 stars for everyone The world is creative, a man made world where everything works but isn t so much any Edgar and other characters are lovable, and you can t help but root for them all throughout the storyline Since it is targeted to be understood by a somewhat younger audience, it is written in a very light and playful way this makes it a very easy read, and a bit of humor to make it all the enjoyable I had never read a book like this one when I first read it, and I still have never read a book like this one Yeah, there are books where view spoiler the world turning dark and destroyed and uninhabitable for human life have caused them to create a new world where people can live hide spoiler I really didn t expect this book to be amazing I got it because I needed to choose a book and it looked interesting I was sure surprised This book was awesome It was written very well, and the story live was puzzling, mysterious, unique, interesting, and just plain different Very suspenseful and kept me reading I suggest this book to everyone who likes science fiction, but it is a good book even if you don t I mean, it wasn t like THE BEST BOOK EVER, but it is worth reading and a good one Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadToo.comEdgar knows that he should be working rather than climbing and swinging in the trees, but he just can t seem to help himself even if it does earn him a beating from Mr Ratikan s stick It would hardly be the first time and it isn t likely to be the last He also knows he shouldn t be climbing the cliffs, but he has to Edgar s world is shaped sort of like a three leveled top The top level, the Highlands, are populated by the well to do people They control the water for all of the other levels If you fell off of the Highlands, and didn t die, you would land on the middle level, Tabletop, which is the level Edgar lives on They are the workers who harvest food and raise animals They receive water based on how well they feed the people above If you fell off of Tabletop and weren t killed by the fall to the Flatlands, you would either be eaten by the monsters that live there, or die of starvation If you could survive long enough to fall off of the Flatlands, you would fall off of the earth Edgar s father fell off of the middle level when Edgar was just a small boy Edgar has one memory of him, though The older he gets, the weaker the memory becomes, but he knows that it has to do with a book that he is supposed to find It s hidden in the cliffs between the top and middle levels So Edgar climbs, and searches, whenever he can In one day Edgar finds the book, climbs all the way to the Highlands forbidden , and makes a friend hopefully there The biggest discovery Edgar makes that day could be he most dangerous of all The Highlands are sinking If the cliffs keep shuddering, eventually the Highlands and Tabletop could be level with each other That thought alone sends Edgar off on the adventure of a lifetime Edgar is off He is on a search for answers, for the right questions, for his destiny It s going to get far worse before it gets better This book is a fantastic mix of mad scientist, alternate worlds, and realistic people Patrick Carman hasn t missed a trick in this one believable characters, a fully imagined and realized world, and an absorbing plot I had a hard time putting this book down I can t wait to see what happens next Though while you re waiting you should check out the very cool, interactive website www.athertonseries.com. The House of Power is the first installment of the Atherton trilogy written and imagineered by Patrick Carman This first installment details the many dangerous and revolutionary events on the mysterious land of Atherton The plot itself is fairly simple and decent, being a fantasy written with an adolescent audience in mind A likable protagonist named of Edgar is presented whose various endeavors and exploits the story revolves around.The fabric of The House of Power is rich and textured, and coupled with a breeze to read writing style, it should greatly appeal to younger readers Upon starting the first chapter, I was pleasantly enthralled by a gentle mystery The ingenious Dr Harding is portrayed as a mad scientist, which subsequently offered a glimpse into his experiment gone wrong Atherton itself Indeed, the world Carman imagined is both beautiful and tragic, a success and a disaster.The satellite world of Atherton was constructed in the 22nd century, following the environmental collapse of Earth Overbearing pollution and technological dominance ravaged Earth for many years, until it became known as simply The Dark Planet The original plan of Atherton was to be a refuge from The Dark Planet, but its prime creator, Dr Harding, held secret intentions He held specific notions how a new utopia should be created The Doctor even developed strict guidelines on how the biological and socio political environments should be structured In turn, Atherton was constructed based on a three tier layout The top level, called the Highlands, was the location of the only water source in Atherton, and the ruling class of citizens Next is Tabletop, the middle tier and home of the lower class In Tabletop, the residents farm sheep, rabbits, and a certain hybrid of figs Most of these resources sent to the Highlands The third and final level is called the Flatlands This dark and barren place is filled with mystery and intrigue No one from the top two levels has ever been to the Flatlands, and any past records are nonexistent.As you can see, a dynamic power play is evident between the two classes of residents on Atherton The Highlanders control the only water source, and in turn take advantage of the power to invoke harsh demands on the lower class Tabletop struggles to cater to their lords and must contend with living in near poverty and intensive labor Later in the novel, readers should recognize the stirrings of discontent and rebellion as the two classes fall closer together than anyone could imagine The mystery of Atherton is finally revealed, and mind blowing is truly the only way to describe the surprises sure to come.The House of Power is a quick, entertaining read sure to win the hearts of any audience Adolescents and tweens will especially enjoy the high level of excitement and action within its pages I tip my hat to Patrick Carman, who is a master at building enjoyable fantasies.Overall Grade A Atherton The House of Power is a most interesting exploration of an alternative world and the social relationships between its inhabitants Despite Edgar s admirability, the characters of the book were lacking on a few fronts Fortunately, the unique environment and well rounded plot are plenty enough satisfy most readers. Personal Response I think that The House of Power was a good book, because it always kept things interesting When you thought this were almost over there were plot twists or surprises I really like how the sequence of events in this book and how the characters dealt with there problems I also liked the idea of how Atherton was laid out and how it all changed I think that this was a good book Plot Summary The book The House of Power starts off with a boy named Edgar in a grove in Tabletop He finds a book and goes up to the Highlands to try to find someone to read it Edgar meets Samuel and he reads the book to Edgar and they find out the Highlands is sinking Then the Highlands sink down to Tabletop and the Highlanders and Tabletop fight Edgar leaves to go search for a second book, but ends up down in the Flatlands and finds out there is no second book He also finds out that Tabletop and the Highlands are falling together down to the Flatlands Characterization The main character and the protagonist of the book is Edgar He starts off as an orphan from the grove He makes his way on an adventure to the highlands and flatlands He grows a lot as a character along the way He never gives up no matter how hard the challenges he has to overcome such as climbing the cliffs, fighting the cleaners, or making friends One of the antagonists of the book is Lord Phineus He starts off as the leader of the Highlands He runs everything and controls the water He does his best to keep everything running smoothly and keeping himself in charge When the highlands falls down, he raises an army and tries to fight and poison the people of Table top Table top starts winning so Lord Phineus becomes afraid and hides behind his walls Setting The books setting is in the future, but without much technology The Earth is to dirty to live on so a scientist creates a not so perfect place know as Atherton Atherton has three levels The Highlands is at the very top where everyone in power lives and controls the water The middle is Tabletop and this is where all the workers and Edgar live The very bottom and the most dangerous is the Flatlands The Flatlands is where all the waist goes and it is disposed of by oversized centipedes known as Cleaners This affects the story, because it is like levels of power But when Atherton starts becoming flat it bring problems such as the people of table top wanting power and the cleaners coming into table top Thematic Connection The main theme of this book was to never give up Edgar climbs the wall every night just to find the book After he finds the book he climbs all the way to the Highlands just to find someone to read it to him, even though it s forbidden After everything starts falling apart in Atherton he brings everyone together to help fix what s happening He figures out a way to stop the cleaners and turn on the water when no one else can Recommendation I would recommend this book to both genders who like fictional books about other worlds, because it is a good read about a made up place The book makes you want to keep reading it to find out what will happen next This book would be a good read for anyone 12 and older I gave this book a five out of five, because I really liked the book and the way everything happens to Atherton. This was a great hidden gem I d never heard of it and just randomly picked it up on Overdrive because it was available This reminds me of several books City of Ember, Goose Girl, etc What I really liked about this book is its simple, straightforward communication The characters were direct and honest Most books use lack of proper communication to provide the tension and suspense Those books drive me crazy It was refreshing to read a book with a different style It is a good example for kids on a subconscious level Warning It is a huge cliffhanger 3.5 5, rounded up This was read as part of the r fantasy book bingo challenge.I read a lot of Carman s The Land of Elyon growing up, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he had gasp multiple series come out after it It definitely has a similar feel to the Elyon series at least with my nostalgia goggles on, as I haven t touched the books in years , though with a different world and different stakes The book features Edgar, a lad who likes climbing in a world that has particularly strict no climbing laws The land of Atherton is divided physically into three plains Highlands the smallest and highest up , Tabletop in between the two , and Flatlands ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE , where one can posit the people who live in each of these realms As it happens, strange things are afoot earthquakes, odd illnesses, and a mysterious tome on the face of a cliff The plot moves quickly and generally is a fun read It s told in a psuedo storytelling mode, where the boring bits are brushed over by the narrator It s a bit like someone telling you a story orally, highlighting the important points and glossing over the dull parts, which I think works pretty well It does ruin immersion a bit, though There are neat pictures every so often, which are super cool to help with worldbuilding and make it visual The last 50 pages of the book are basically worldbuilding documents, which is pretty neat, as well as a website challenge which may or may not still be active Kids books that have challenges in them are always so fun Yes, I want to decrypt the message at the bottom of the Artemis Fowl books and take your Seemsian quiz C mon, adult books, get on their level The problems and discussions raised in the text are both a bit dated and oddly and unfortunately still relevant to the world at large specifically classism and ecological environmental sustainability It s kind of deep, heavy, and depressing, but offering it up in a kid friendly way Some of the ideas are pretty neat and awesome Characters are pretty solid, although they do go a bit 2.5D at times rather than a fully fleshed out 3D Hopefully this is just a book 1 problem and they will get fully fleshed out in books 2 and 3.For those playing along with book bingo, this ll qualify you for middle grade, book with 4 words, final book if you make it to book 3 , and local author for Washington Oregon US.I m interested to see where this one goes Not committed quite yet Mt TBR requires a sacrifice , but interested. Personal ResponseI enjoyed The House of Power by Patrick Carman, because the author used descriptive words that helped me imagine what was going on I enjoyed how the author kept the story interesting by changing it up I also enjoyed how the author wasn t afraid to severely injure the main character PlotThe main events of the story were about Atherton becoming flat and how it affected everybody s lives As Atherton was becoming flat, the people on the Highlands readied their troops to fight the people from Tabletop Tabletop was tired of the Highlands treating them so badly and decided to fight the people from the Highlands When the Highlands became level with Tabletop, there was a battle between the Highlands and Tabletop This battle affected everybody s lives on Atherton Near the end, there was a new discovery made which would change Atherton forever.CharacterizationEdgar was the main character of the book In the beginning, he was an eleven year old boy who was living on Tabletop of Atherton He had no friends and his caretaker was Mr Ratikan Edgar liked to be mischievous and got himself into a lot of trouble At the end of the book, Edgar had four friends, and his caretaker was dead All three levels of Atherton were now level, and Edgar had a missing finger.Lord Phineus was another important character in the story, and he controlled all the water in Atherton Lord Phineus was an evil man who would stop at nothing to dominate Atherton In the end, Lord Phineus had locked himself inside the castle and shut off all the water to Atherton.Setting The setting of this book was in the year 2105 on an artificial landmass called Atherton Atherton had three levels The Highlands, Tabletop, and the Flatlands The book began in Tabletop where the reader met Edgar, the main character The importance of this place was where a couple hundred people got to live off earth, because earth was covered in pollution so it s almost uninhabitable.Thematic ConnectionThere are a lot of themes in The House of Power, but a main one is showing courage when times get tough This is proven when Edgar breaks the rules and climbs to the Highlands and finds out what a book says It is also proven when all three villages of Tabletop unite against the Highlands.RecommendationI recommend this book to mature high schoolers and young adult males, because there are some graphic scenes The lexile score of the book is high also, so the book can be a little challenging to follow Teenage males would like this book because there is fighting in this book. From The Creator Of The Land Of Elyon Comes A Riveting Adventure Set In An Extraordinary Satellite World Created As A Refuge From A Dying Earth That Begins To Collapse And Forever Change The Lives Of Its Inhabitants Edgar, A Gifted Climber, Is A Lonely Boy Scaling The Perilous Cliffs That Separate The Three Realms Of Atherton A Humble Fig Grove A Mysterious Highland World Of Untold Beauty And Sinister Secrets And A Vast Wasteland Where He Must Confront An Unspeakable Danger That Could Destroy The People Of Atherton When Edgar Discovers A Book Which Contains The History Of Atherton S Origins And Ultimate Apocalypse, His World Quite Literally Begins To Turn Inside Out Personal Response I thought this book was a decent book It kept me entertained and was a good storyline, but I do not think I would recommend it to a friend I just was not fulfilled when I read the book and the rest of the series.Plot Summary Edgar is a boy living in the grove that farms figs They grow them and then send them up to the Highlands, which is a circular chunk of land raised above the rest Edgar secretly climbs up the cliffs at night, which he isn t supposed to do One night, he discovers a book hidden in the cliffs, but he cannot read He climbs up to the Highlands to find someone to read it for him, and he meets Samuel Samuel is a boy whose father went missing, and he lives with his mother the baker He reads the book to Edgar, who discovers that the Highlands is sinking into Tabletop One of the residents of the Highlands finds Edgar, and tricks him into thinking that there is another book down in the Flatlands, so Edgar starts climbing down Once the Highlands are level with Tabletop, they come to a horrible realization That Tabletop in now sinking down to the level of the Flatlands.Characterization Edgar is a boy who continually pushes the boundaries of what is allowed He constantly caused trouble in the Grove, then climbed to the Highlands, finally climbing down to the Flatlands He has accomplished many amazing feats despite being only 11 years old No one expects someone to be able to climb up to the Highlands, or down to the Flatlands, but he does both He has to mature much past his 11 years of age.Mr Ratikan started the book as someone who ruled with an iron fist Towards the end of the book, however, he lost complete control of the grove and ended up dying to the Highlanders who he followed He started to lose control when he began poisoning the the water as an experiment.Setting This book is set on Atherton, which is a manmade planet of sorts that orbits the Earth It is important to know that the man made planet is not on earth, and that it is away from all conflicts of Earth It is set in the future, but I don t believe there was a specified date It is so far down the road that the Earth is barely habitable, and they are researching how to fix it.Recommendation I would recommend this book to middle schoolers of both genders I believe that particular age group would get the most enjoyment out of the book I think the older the readers are, the less fulfilled they feel after reading it.