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Shoggoth S Old Peculiar Doesstuff Ben Went Over To The Barmaid, Planning To Ask Her For Two Pints Of Shoggoth S Old Peculiar And A Glass Of Water For Himself, Only To Find She Had Already Poured Three Pints Of The Dark Beer Well, He Thought, Might As Well Be Hung For A Sheep As A Lamb, And He Was Certain It Shoggoth S Old Peculiar By Neil Gaiman Shoggoth S Old Peculiar Is Neil Gaiman Having Some Fun With HP Lovecraft S Classic Story The Shadow Over Innsmouth An Innocent Abroad Runs Across The English Innsmouth And Has A Few Pints With The Natives This Is Enjoyable For Fans Of Either Writer, Or Both, Or Just A Reader Of Weird Fantasy Fiction Nice Shoggoth S Old PeculiarYouTube Partof Neil Gaiman Reading One Of His Short Stories Sorry, Audio Only, But With A Nice Relevant PictureShoggoth S Old Peculiar Neil Gaiman Livres Not Retrouvez Shoggoth S Old Peculiar Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionShoggoth S Old Peculiar By Neil Gaiman Not Retrouvez Shoggoth S Old Peculiar By Neil Gaimanet Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Shoggoth S Old Peculiar Neil Gaiman SHOGGOTH S OLD PECULIARpages,illustrations,full Colour Wraparound Cover Neil Gaiman S World Fantasy Award Nominated Short Story SHOGGOTH S OLD PECULIAR Will Be Published As A Limited Edition Chapbook With A New Full Color Cover And Shoggoth S Old Peculiar , Read By Neil Gaiman Responses To Shoggoth S Old Peculiar , Read By Neil Gaiman Thomas Broadbent August ,at Am Reply Have Always Loved This Story By Neil Gaiman Shoggoth S Old Peculiar Signed DreamHaven Description Shoggoth S Old Peculiar By Neil Gaiman, Illustrations By Jouni Koponen Chapbook DreamHaven Books Pages A Humorous Short Story Of Beer And Lovecraft A Shaggy Frog Story Neil Gaiman S Shoggoth S Old Today We Re Looking At Neil Gaiman S Shoggoth S Old Peculiar, First Published In Mike Ashley Santhology, The Mammoth Book Of Comic Fantasy Spoilers Ahead Shoggoth Wikipedia Shoggoths That Remained Alive In The Abandoned Elder Thing City In Antarctica Would Later Imitate Their Masters Art And Voices, Endlessly Repeating Tekeli Li Or Takkeli, A Cry That Their Old Masters Used

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    One of my favorite writers satirizing another of my favorite authors, how could I not enjoy this story Shoggoth s Old Peculiar is Neil Gaiman having some fun with H.P Lovecraft s classic story The Shadow Over Innsmouth An innocent abroad runs across the English Innsmouth and has a few pints with the natives This is enjoyable for fans of either writer, or both, or just a reader of weird fantasy fiction.Nice.

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    A teetotaling Texas boy named Ben Lassiter decides to take a walking tour of the British Isles using a pretty lackluster guide in this humorous and provocative short story from Neil Gaiman Despite that, he stumbles onto an unusual village called Innsmouth where two natives prove how shall I say this very interesting Ben also has his first beer, a pint of the eponymous stout.I ve never read any H.P Lovecraft, and other reviews make clear that this is a loving homage to Lovecraft s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, but I enjoyed it nonetheless I m certain that Lovecraft fans would get a lot out of it than I did and would think it hilarious, but even neophytes like me would love this short story especially if they re lucky enough to hear author Neil Gaiman read it himself with his mellifluous voice.Now I m thinking I need to read The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and then re read Shoggoth s Old Peculiar.

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    I downloaded this audiobook for free from audible some time ago and never listed to it before today for some reason The narration is wonderful I could listen to Neil Gaiman talk all day long He is the perfect narrator for this story since he wrote it and knows his vision of how it should be read Despite the wonderful narration, I found that the story was no than mediocre I suspect that one of the reasons that I did not fall in love with this story was partially because I have never read anything by H.P Lovecraft The story is quite short In fact it was much shorter than I had expected because a large portion of my audible download was a preview for The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

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    Interesting little tale on Brittish folklore Gaiman weaves H.P Lovecraft into the story I haven t read much of Lovecraft and I assume this is an homage to Lovecraft It does turn out to be quite creepy I love that Ben is reading a guide book to the English coast and everything is wrong she is telling him Interesting.

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    A naive young Texan is on a rather disappointing self guided walking tour of the British coast when he randomly wanders into the village of Innsmouth As a couple of friendly, if strange looking, locals tell him, the one in the US was named after this one, the original.One of the most entertaining and humorous homages to Lovecraft that I ve read Gaiman gets everything from travel guidebooks to nameless horrors spot on And Strange Ian made me laugh out loud

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    I own this story in many forms as an audiobook, included in collections, and as a gorgeous stand alone illustrated chapbook and it never fails to put a smile on my face If, first and foremost, you re very much at home among H.P Lovecraft s stories, and, secondly, you re at least passingly familiar with the comedy of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, this work is an absolute gem Gaiman offers clever and loving jokes and references to Lovecraft s works and the occasional nod to Douglas Adams, as well and weaves them together to create a delightful tale of a clueless Texan, an ill considered Walking Tour of the British Coastline, and the cheerful hospitality of the local acolytes of Cthulhu Fantastic.

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    In an homage to H.P Lovecraft, a sober young Texan travels to the English coast in the off season and meets a couple of strange men in a pub who are drinking a draught beer by the peculiar name of the story title and wouldn t you know it, strange things start happening I ve read a bit of Lovecraft, but not the story Neil Gaiman is directly referencing here, unfortunately However I think I could listen to anything narrated by Gaiman and instantly fall in love with it This is a wonderful little story that came free from Audible at some point that I d forgotten all about, and it made me nearly purchase the Smoke and Mirrors short story collection it came from IMMEDIATELY after I d finished listening to it, until I reminded myself I still had several Neil Gaiman books I hadn t read yet and that Audible wasn t likely to run out of MP3 copies of it anytime soon.

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    This is a short story that I listened to courtesy of Audible offering it for free, paired with a sneak peek at Neil Gaiman s next book The story is narrated by Neil Gaiman and features American Benjamin Lassiter, who is on a walking tour of the coast of England During his holiday he comes upon a strange town and meets two very strange men, called Seth and Wilf, who tell him a bizarre story that stays with him.This was a fun, fun read and even though I ve read many Neil Gaiman books I can t believe this was my first audio narrated by him It won t be the last The story was great, the narration superb and I definitely will hunt out stories narrated by Neil Gaiman.

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    Exploring Audible I was excited to find this story as a free offering Now I m looking forward to it even , thanks to Amy H Sturgis review which says, among other things A delightful tale of a clueless Texan, an ill considered Walking Tour of the British Coastline, and the cheerful hospitality of the local acolytes of Cthulhu.Irresistible, especially if you are Texan Guilty as charged and charging into this story now.My comment a charming story and great fun Coupled with the beginning of Gaiman s next novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which has one of the saddest beginnings I ve ever heard Oh my heavens.

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    Should of stuck to the cherry drinkA great little mind trip