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During The S, The Midwest Was A Bustling Thoroughfare Of Trade, Commerce, Expansion, And Investment Like The Northeast In Its Heyday, It Was Also Fertile Ground For Con Men A Mr Charles O Davies Perhaps An Assumed Name Arrived In Peru, Iowa In The Mid S To A Hero S Welcome Appearing To Be A Wealthy Financier, He Bought The Local Bank And Stood Ready To Invest In Local Businesses A Few Short Months Later, Davies Was Convicted Of Robbing Banks, Forging Checks, Murder, And A Host Of Other Crimes His Alleged Actions Were Front Page News Sensations In Iowa The Bank Robberies And Fraud Caused Grave Economic Impact On The Region, And Many Wanted Davies To Hang For These Crimes Alone Which Crimes, If Any, Davies Actually Committed Was Never Proved In Court Because His Legal Counsel Was Incompetent Davies Evaded Authorities For Months After Becoming A Suspect He Was Captured By Bounty Hunters After A Cross Country Chase, Then Sent To Jail In Iowa To Await Trial With The Help Of Fellow Inmates, Davies Escaped From Jail The Night Before He Was To Be Sent To The Gallows What Were The True Circumstances Surrounding These Crimes Did Davies Have Any Accomplices What Were His Motives Was He Falsely Accused Author And Former Journalist JD Hylton Crafts A Compelling Reconstruction Of These Events Based On Years Of Research Many Questions Remain Unanswered, And Hylton Has Skillfully Blended Fact With Supposition To Create An Utterly Believable Drama This Is The First Book Ever Published On The CO Davies Story