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You Are Here Explores The Lives Of Gavin, Dave, Phil And Tony Four Thirtysomethings Who Feel They Might Be Over The Hill And May Never Meet The Women Of Their Dreams They Are About To Embark On Yet Another Holiday Religiously Known As The Campaign They All Have Only One Thing In Mind Girls, And Lots Of Them Slightly Risqe With Plenty Of Humour And Fun, Encompassing Many Incidents With The Opposite Sex, Which Most Males, And Some Females, No Doubt, Could Relate To Most Definitely A Funny And Entertaining Read With A Nice Little Twist At The End Maybe it was lying on a beach in Majorca and having a great holiday as I read this book that swung my mood, but I really loved it It is very blokey but Elsie Roundbottom is such a great strong female character that I was won over I really liked It s Cold Outside, which I think followed You Are Here, and it was a lot less Blokey, but this was great Never been to Crete but would like to having read about some wonderfully described places here particularly on the Scooter trek with Elsie and Dave my fave part of the book In fact the only bit I did not really like was the cover would have preferred a beach scene and scooters A very average book The happy ending got the book it s extra star It s use of the same words describing everything and it almost comes across as though an old man has tried to write a cool book, it s like that uncle that wants to go clubbing with you and your mates For me hearing what four guys got up to on holiday just wasn t enough, lacking drama and action The way some of the sex scene were described were cringe worthy rather than hot and racey or romantic Just poor in my opinion. YAH is simply the best beach Summer British Ladlit book I have ever read I read it every summer since 2005 without fail and it is now as much part of my annual calendar dates as Xmas or my birthday Supposedly going to be a movie and I would love to know who will play Elsie my vote would go to Emma Pierson