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The Case Of The Notorious Charlie Lucky Luciano And His Million A Year Prostitution Ring Rattled And Intrigued New York City During The Great Depression Charlie Lucky Eluded The Police For Years, Until Rackets Squad Prosecutor Thomas E Dewey Connected Him With The Operation And He Was Finally Convicted Of Compulsory Prostitution This Book Takes Readers Through This Infamous Case From A Unique Slant From The Amazing Case Histories Of The Prostitutes Who Served As Material Witnesses It Includes Confiscated Letters That Desperate Prostitutes Sent To Their District Attorneys And Rare Photos Of Material Witnesses, Including The Legendary Cokey Flo

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    Ellen Poulsen has dug through the records of vice investigations from the Seabury Hearings to the prosecution of Lucky Luciano as the czar of vice rackets in 1936 Full portrait of special prosecutor Thomas E Dewey, noting advances in crime fight tools such as witness protection very little compared to today but better than nothings , and conspiracy charges But her most interesting and original angle on the trial is her close attention to the prostitutes and madams who were witnesses against Lucky They risked their lives and livelihoods by testifying, and after the conviction were often unable to reconstruct a new way of living outside the vice milieu And fear of retaliation dogged their steps This book has wonderful material on Flo Cokey Brown, Mildred Balitzer, Peggy Wild and Nancy Presser in their own juicy words from the trial transcripts Nancy Presser replied to being called a whore by correcting the speaker The word is prostitute When Jenny the Factory was pressed by reformers to take up a new improved lifestyle, she sneered I am too old for social services After the trial, Judge McCook admonished the women to make plans for a new improved vice free existence to which Peggy Wild said I ll go crazy if I stay here in jail , that is one plan Well worth reading as an investigation of attitudes towards commercial sex and its quotidian operations, as well as a glimpse of the empire of vice in the mid 1930s run by gangster bosses in ever organized systems of crime.

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    Somewhat rough to follow, pretty dry Seems it could ve been explained smoothly and appealingly.

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    It was a little dry I would have like to hear a little about Luciano s feelings and reactions.