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When Miranda Moves With Her Family To A New House In A Small Massachusetts Town, She Discovers A Mysterious Antique A Dollhouse Through The Windows, She Is Shocked To Find What Seem To Be Living People In The Tiny Rooms, And Gradually She Realizes That Scenes From The Lives Of The Big House S Past Inhabitants Are Being Replayed There

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    I read this back in elementary school after my mum bought it for me at a book fair, and I read it so many times that the cover fell off Did I replace the book NegativeI taped the cover back on, and I still re read it to this day.Time Windows is the story of Miranda Browne, the quintessential city girl from New York who moves to the suburbs in Massachusetts The house is old, quaint, and everything her parents could ever hope for Miranda isn t so sure, but she finds an antique dollhouse in the attic and finds herself drawn to it When a chance encounter leads Miranda to discover that she can view the past through the windows of the dollhouse, which is a replica of her house, she becomes emotionally attached to those she sees through the windows Strange things start happening though the events that used to happen in the house begin to unravel and happen again through those living in the house now Miranda must figure out the mysteries of the dollhouse before something bad happens.This book hooked me from the first page It was an intriguing concept with mysteries, ghosts, time travel, and just enough paranormal to keep me satisfied The writing is quick, fast paced, and easy to follow I would recommend this to anyone who loves YA and MG books, for sure I give it a 4.5 out 5 because I still think the ending was too abrupt for my liking.

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    This may have been the first book I ever read twice Looking back now, it s not monumental enough to me for a 5 as far as story, and yet it really stuck with me over the years I remember how vividly I was able to picture what was happening, the fear associated with certain moments, especially thesecret room, to try and avoid spoilers too much A great story for a younger reader who enjoys being scared Though this may have further attributed to my irrational fear of dolls

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    Time Windows is a middle grade book that would probably appeal to 10 14 year olds the most I found it to be enjoyable but predictable I thought the dollhouse aspect and seeing into the past through it was interesting, but nothing that happened in the book really surprised me By the time everything happened I had figured it out already My only real complaint is I felt like the girl in the book was written a little too young for her age at times I had to keep reminding myself that she was a teenager and not a 10 year old At least up until she started befriending the neighbor boy.This is the second book I ve read by Kathryn Reiss I liked her YA book Dreadful Sorry a lot than I liked this one I m not sure if I ll read anything else by this author since most of her books seem to be middle grade and I m not all that interested in reading middle grade books.

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    I read this right after reading The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall, so lets just say it took me a while to fall asleep Time Windows is much scarier than the other book, but not so scary I couldn t read it, but both books combined put a spook in me and made me think about life and death too much, and I don t need any extra help when it comes to that.I was mesmerized by the scenes that took place in the doll house, which only Miranda could see I can honestly say that if I had a doll house that was a replica of my own home, and I could see former residents lives fly by in the tiny rooms I would never get a moment of sleep ever again Miranda says she s scared, but that never seems to stop her from tucking in peacefully at night, which left me scratching my head.I didn t give the book 4 stars because the ending was kind of a copout, I mean it was great in a way, but it didn t make sense and it sort of made everything that had happened until then seem like it hadn t really mattered I guess if one can believe that a person can see the past in a doll house, one should also believe that it s possible to change the past in the present, but I didn t Like, say I wanted to stop the Titanic from sinking, I believe that if I time traveled to that day I might be able to accomplish that, if they didn t toss me overboard or something, but I don t think I could change anything that happened in 1912 in 2016 Whatever happened already did, and you can t change that or you would have to change everything The story addresses that altering history could very well mean that you might not even exist, but it still went with the decision to do so in order to get a pleasant ending was my feeling.

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    I just re read this book after reading it when I was in 6th grade, because this story always stuck with me even tho for many years I could not remember the title But thanks to the modern power of the internet I was able to search the plot and figure it out when I was trying to think of good books for my little bookworm daughter to read over the summer I re read it before I let her read it because she is a little younger than I was when I read it and I remember it being a bit scary However, other than a bit of an over all suspenseful creepy feeling the book gives and maybe a couple parts here and there that were a bit spooky, the book was not as intense as I remember it being as a kid lol Either my age or my memory may have dramatized the intensity of the story but the reason I chose this book is due to the impression it left on me that not many books did I read many books as a kid but not many do I remember loving as much as this one And even upon reading it as an adult it still managed to keep my interest.

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    My favorite part was when Dorothy escaped the attic, and lived till she was over 90 years old, unlike before when she died in the airtight room in the attic She escaped the attic with the key that Miranda put in the dollhouse, a few minutes after Dorothy was locked in the attic by Lucinda The worst part was when Dorothy died, the first time, before Miranda helped her What happened was she was thrown in the attic, for spilling perfume, getting locked in the attic, and getting scared, so she fell into the artight hiding space used in the underground railroad My favorite character was Miranda because she helped Dorothy escape from the attic and live The worst character was probably Lucinda because she started the whole thing by being mean and throwing Dorothy into the attic I like this book because it had a mystery in and Miranda could see the past Auryn 11 years old, 2015

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    This book was in high demand in elementary school you had to wait on a list to check it out Imagine You move into a new house In the attic is a dollhouse replica of the one you live in, and when you look inside it, you are transported back to 1904 to see the house s creepy history play itself out.

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    damn this book HOLDS UP and is horrifying and beautiful than i remembered, wow.the moral of the story is never buy a house.

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    I know this was written for middle school kids but it really doesn t read like that at all It was so intriguing to see how the ghost over the years took over the women who lived in the house And the way the book endedwell that s why I gave it four stars instead of five I can t say why because it will spoil the book, but I needed to see something happen that didn t I guess I m being a brat about it, but oh well LOLDefinitely a great read to snuggle up with on a cozy fall day.

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    Check out my other reviews, discussions and link ups at Fantasy of the Silver Dragon.This is the perfect slightly creepy book to read during October It isn t too creepy, certainly something you can read while alone at night, but it s just creepy enough to get that little shiver every once in a while.I loved how the dollhouse worked And the way events Miranda saw through the windows there played out in her own family like some kind of psychic echo effect The secret rooms in the houses were neat, and I love how the one in Miranda s house helped further the mystery I also liked how she put all the clues together and what she did once she had figured out the mystery.It was strange and distracting that Miranda called her mother Mither through the entire book, and there was no explanation about why until than half way through I also didn t like where the book ended I really wanted to see her meet a certain character we were told about near the end But it wasn t a bad ending, I just wanted If you re looking for a good Halloween read, you should try this book.This review was originally posted on Fantasy of the Silver Dragon