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Their Technological Resources Destroyed, A Colonizing Expedition From Earth Has Been Stranded On The World Of Methuen For Over Two Hundred Years Their Continued Survival Is Largely Due To The Organization Of Healers Known As The Eumedicos And To The Seekers Veritas, A Unique Group Composed Of Pairs Of Bondmates, One Human And One Ghatti A Telepathic Catlike Being Native To Methuen Who Bonds With A Specific Human For Life These Bondmates Travel From Town To Town, Settling Disputes By Truth Reading The Minds And Emotions Of Plaintiffs And Defendants While Most People Respect The Seekers, There Are Those Who Fear The Ghatti Powers And Now Someone Has Begun Attacking Seeker PairsWhat No One Knows Is That This Destroyer Has Targeted One Specific Pair Of Bondmates As Special Victims The Woman Doyce And The Ghatta Khar Pern For The Key To Defeating This Deadly Foe Is Locked Away In Doyce S Mind Behind Barriers Even Her Ghattas Has Never Been Able To Break Down

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    This is basically a story of humans on an alien planet where telepathic cats bond with certain humans ones with psychic abilities These Seeker pairs then travel the country planet acting as truthseekers in civil or criminal disputes The cat Ghatt reads the mind of the individual in question and telepathically tells the human whether the person is lying or not Once a determination of truth or lie is made, the local judges determine punishment or whatever Suddenly someone is killing of Seeker pairs and mutilating the corpses The first killed is Doyce s lover, Oriel Doyce and Khar her Ghatta embark on a journey retracing Oriel s last quest in an effort to figure out who is doing this and why I liked the concept but I thought the story was drawn out 500 pages is a lot when dealing with psychic cats All in all a good tale and I will be continuing the series as it will be interesting to see where the story goes next.

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    Wonderful premise reminds me of Anne MacCaffrey s Dragonriders in many ways The plot was a bit predictable, but the characters than made up for it Language a little too flowery for my tastes.

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    I loved these as a teenager, but when I went back to read them as an adult, something just didn t click.

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    I read this book first a couple years after its original publication I recalled having very much liked it back in my teen years, so I decided I would pick it up and read it again to see if I ve changed my mind about it.As it turns out, I like it even better than I remember liking it when I first read it all those years ago.The writing is good I felt compelled to continue on If I hadn t had other matters that needed my attention, I would rather spend my time moving on in the story Sometimes the author gets a little too wordy, but for the most part, I felt like there was a good balance of description And it takes off like a shot Lots of books have slow starts, but this one gets down to business right away.This book is somewhere in between fantasy and science fiction, but leans to the side of science fiction In that regard, though, there are some things that stand out as odd For example, the people of this world have been there for 200 years or so I don t think mentioning this is a spoiler, really, because it says so right on the back cover and because you learn this very early into the book What confuses me a bit about that is that there seems to be a rather vast population to this world I m not sure of how many humans there were to start this new population, but regardless, the amount of people and the progress made in that time seems overblown There are a few other cultural things that seem to me like they evolved too quickly in the span of around 200 years, also I can give the benefit of the doubt that things like horses and squirrels may have been aboard their ships when they arrived at the planet, and thus were released and procreated as they pleased in the new environment, but there are other issues that make me stop and sigh For me, this sort of thing can be a distractionI found that I liked all the ghatti the catlike creatures Some of the human characters, not so much Doyce s attitude can wear on one sometimes And there are times at which she does not act her age Even so, it s very refreshing to have a main character who is a real adult She s 37 years old You get a little bored of teenagers and younger twenty somethings, you know There s a good sense of mystery and suspense, too A sort of who done it murder mystery Considering when this book was published, I think it s quite good and it aged well I definitely can t say that of other books of this era I ve read This was one of my favorite books when I was a teenager, and I m glad to say that it remains one of my favorites all these years later

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    This series has a great premise that is totally botched by the tedious, uninteresting writing style and uncompelling characters Each book in the series is a few hundred pages too long, being bloated with endless prattle between unmemorable characters loftily exchanging endless paragraphs riddled with meaningless jargon pertaining to a poorly rendered fantasy world one would rather not inhabit, from which the reader is expected to extract the somewhat gruesome and equally uninteresting plot I thought I couldn t go wrong with a book about telepathic cats, but I have to say this book is definitely not the cat s pajamas.

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    Picked this up at an Airbnb It looked to be a unique take on fantasy with a bit of sci fi thrown in for good measure Right off I really liked the world Humans with the ability to travel through space came to this planet a long time ago, bringing advanced technology For awhile they had what the indigenous people thought of as magic, but as the people who understood that technology began dying out, and without the resources to get or make , the advanced technology became a thing of the past.One of the indigenous races of this planet are called ghatti, large sentient catlike creatures with the ability to communicate telepathically with each other and select humans A young ghatt will imprint on a human of its choice and they will become a Bonded Pair, working as a traveling circuit judge, mediating disputes using their telepathic powers.All of that to say it s a very unique spin and I enjoyed it overall I enjoyed the premise of the book the politics, characters, and events were interesting However, I loathed the main character s name Doyce REALLY to such a degree it made it hard for me not to hate her Also, the writing was confusing, with weird comma usage and an annoying tendency to talk about things in a way that assumes the reader knows what s going on without it being clear from context I had to reread passages at times to make sure I comprehended what was going on The author also sprinkled unusual and or uncommon words fairly liberally throughout the book I enjoy learning new words, but after I looked up the definition, I felt that it wasn t used correctly It was odd Finally, I felt like the climax was trite and cliched I was disappointed because I thought the author had promise.

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    The start was boring and I was wondering if this would be a book I d struggled to read, and it would drag on as far as storyline etc.But around 40 50 pages it really picked up for me, and I could hardly put the book down the I got into the better it got for me anyway.It remind me of Mercedes Lackey valdemar books although with her books its about horses companions but the premises of Ghatti and Companions is very similar how the chosen will have to go from town to town administering justice as a judge of sorts.It does leave on a cliff hanger of sorts but once you read book 2 description it ruins the cliff hanger and warning it also contains quite a few book 1 spoilers listed on the goodreads book description.Im very much looking forward to seing how book 2 and 3 in this series fairs.Id say rating this the first few pages 2 star then middle id give a 3 3.5 star tords the end a solid 3.5 4 star.

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    I really enjoyed the story, and will read the 2nd one, but the e book really needed a proofreader It looks sort of like someone scanned the handwritten manuscript into a computer, and then just let it decide what was on the page Which really ended with far too many words like daw where it obviously should have read claw Unfortunately, my brain gets wicked distracted by it But I really liked the story and style of storytelling.

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    A great book for lovers of cats and fantasy When I read this back when it first came out I didn t know there was to be to come Going to have to track down the rest of the series now to find out how things on Methuen the world in the book progressed It also made me miss my huge cat, Murf who I think might just have been a Ghatt in hiding.

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    Fucking wonderful