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Only rated this 4 stars because nothing can compare to Beyond the Deepwoods in my eyes it s the perfect children s fantasy book This sequel is still really good, and I enjoyed the exploration of the rest of Edge World the new characters, the Mire, Undertown and Sanctaphrax but I still missed the Deepwoods I am planning on trying to read all of the Edge Chronicles, so hopefully we will revisit it soon I also really like Twig as a character He s so endearing He often just makes it up as he goes along and finds himself in a state of panic, but under the mess he has a heart of gold I think he s a great central character especially for children reading I love the world building in this series, its really detailed I don t think Riddell and Stewart get enough credit for how unique and amazing their combined imagination is. This installment of the Twig trilogy does a good job of expanding the world and the plot of the Edge It does definitely have some flaws, especially in terms of character Twig becomes nicely developed by the end, with a sense of justice, a desire to make his father proud, and a fair bit of cleverness However, all of the rest of the characters are incredibly thin It makes it hard for me to care when they get killed off or otherwise removed from the plot in rapid order And it s pretty telling that Twig s new crew are basically carbon copies of the old one However, the plot is pretty good Whereas the first book was basically a series of random events as Twig wandered the Deepwoods, here Twig and co are on a quest to recover Stormphrax to save the Edge The floating city of Sanctaphrax is ruled over by a tyrant whose actions have ruined the city and the town below and polluted everything Twig is the last hope to restore Sanctaphrax to balance and end a vicious cycle of environmental damage I enjoyed that the story has an environmental theme without feeling too heavy handed about it I also liked the bits that are shown of Undertown and Sanctaphrax, since both are weird and wonderful places that follow some of my favorite tropes for locations The Twilight Woods are pretty standard, except that they grant the people in them immortality, which adds a nice twist One thing I was surprised by is that this is a relatively self contained story Yes, there s a sequel hook at the end, but the major plot is handled, and it feels like somebody could read this book without reading either the first or third in the trilogy and be just fine Personally, though, I m planning to keep going and finish up the Twig trilogy, because it seems like it has indeed held up well when compared to my childhood memories of it. This book is another great instalment in Twig Saga.This book has done it again and think twig has started to grow up and develop a little in this book Although I loved this book and thought the characters were great I think the first book in The Twig Saga was a little better Only because It was a little quirkier and think that this one was a little darker I guess Although I thought this one was less quirky than the first in the trilogy, I still loved the book and gave it 5 stars. Another great installment in the series The world building is extended to the first book with even likable and unlikable creatures I really love the Steampunk elements, and the whole Sky Pirate thing reminded me a bit to Treasure Planet , which is one of my favorite childhood movies I also felt very much for the protagonist Twig in this novel His inner thoughts about the question where he belongs and also his hopes to impress his father felt very realistic to me At some point I was a bit skeptical about the fact that it s a children s book, especially at the point we met Screed Toe taker However, for me as an adult this book definitely worked pretty good and I am excited to read the final one 4.5 of 5 stars overall. Just as good as the first installment in this series Everything is on point with this series I loved the story line and the new characters we were introduced too We even had this antagonist who I had to shake my head and laugh at because he was so creepy and weird The ending was a perfect cliffhanger read the next book ending I cannot wait to start the next one and continue on. I adored this book Upon finishing the first book of The Edge Chronicles of which there are 10 which is also the first book of The Twig Trilogy, I had expectations for the second book Paul Stewart needed to elaborate on the fantastic world of The Edge which he had hinted at in the first book He needed to write deeper and construct a novel that was than loosely connected segments He needed to establish a narrative and construct a fuller plot because I saw potential in the story.Thankfully, he lived up to all my expectations and.The plot constructed in Stormchaser is elaborate and complex for a children s book It deals with a complicated father son relationship, a world s dependence on an energy source, and the moral greyness of a urban infrastructure.And then there is the Twilight Woods and of course the wonderful chapters that are collections of several vignettes whose meanings are revealed as you read.Oh, and the fantastical characters and the danger, so much danger Paul Stewart is a rather fearless author and has my utmost respect Of course it would be unfair not to include Chris Riddell in this review as well as his artistic vision tells equally as much story as the words from Paul Stewart s pen In fact, I just found out that this entire series began with a map that Chris drew of The Edge Chris handed Paul the map and said, Here Write me a storyWHAT That is incredible The end of the book left me hungry for the final book in the Twig Trilogy which will be in my hands by tomorrow afternoon This one was better than the first, I thought I look forward to soon reading the third These books are not my usual reading genre, but my daughter s been asking me to read these for years I figure that I better do so before she leaves home for college I would give it 3.5 stars, but I can t, so 3 stars it will be. Stormchaser picks things up after the end of the first book Twig has reunited with his father, Cloud Wold and they are having a blast as sky pirates Well, not so much, because the Professor of Light has a mission for them they need to get into a Great Storm and bring back some stormphrax In that way they may also get rid of Vilnix Pompolius, whose reign has not been, let put it in simple terms, positive for the people.Cue lots of fights, accidents, Twig making a mess, betrayals, deaths and blood As with the first book, Stormchaser is not afraid of offing off characters Actually, this is one of its problems, as you won t be able to care very much for anyone Are you starting to get to know this character Don t worry, Stewart and Riddell will take your bonds and attachments and make pulp with them It gets to a level where it is impossible to really care for anyone but Twig, who you don t expect to dieThe other problem, one that again comes down from the first book , is the non stop action One thing is having a frantic pace, with rhythm and lots of things happening Another is having a new thing happening every five seconds There is soooo much going on, that, as with the characters, you will end up not caring much You have deaths, betrayals, accidents, new places, new places, deaths, betrayals, accidents You get my drift.What was easier to forgive the first time, because the first novel introduced the characters and was a well of imagination, is difficult the second time around For fans of the first, this will probably be another good time For anyone else, it may leave them asking for a break to breathe and refresh.5 10 Original English Version Even better than the first one Still had the gripping fantasy world filled with magical creatures and evil villains but with a thicker plot line and dramatic scenes.Twig having found his way onto a sky pirate ship goes through a multitude of unfortunate and dangerous incidents in search for the magical substance Stormphrax But there are a variety of other evil characters who wish to get their hands on Stormphrax for their own gain.A swashbuckling epic fantasy full of treachery and even a few gruesome bits for a children s book Unfortunately it ended on a cliffhanger and I don t have the third book I need it Twig Verginix Has Now Realised His Dream Of Becoming A Sky Pirate, Exploring The Skies Of The Edge As A Crew Member Of The Stormchaser That Is Until Cloud Wolf Forbids Him From Coming On The Dangerous Quest To Collect Stormphrax A Valuable Substance Created Inside The Heart Of A Great Storm Twig Refuses To Leave His Beloved Skyship And Smuggles Himself On Board The Stormchaser But Can The Ship, And Its Crew Survive The Destructive Force Of The Great Storm Itself Stormchaser Is The Second Book Of The Twig Saga Second Trilogy In The Edge Chronicles, The Internationally Best Selling Fantasy Series, Which Has Featured On The UK And The New York Times Best Seller Lists And Sold Than Million Copies There Are Now Titles And Four Trilogies In The Series, But Each Book Is A Stand Alone Adventure, So You Can Read The Edge Chronicles In Any Order You Choose