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Why I initially picked this book up was that it took place in Houston As a native Houstonian, I wanted to know where the events took place and if I had been close to any of the locales One of the important settings in the book, 1723 Kipling is blocks away from two of my former addresses and the names of reporters, lawyers and politicos in the book were all names I knew The Houston part was all fine and dandy.What made me turn page after page was the twisted relationship and the stalking that went on So many times in the book, I was tempted to yell at the book, No don t go with her don t do it This is an actual Fatal Attraction story Being a true account of that type of relationship, the movie, Fatal Attraction pales in comparison What was mentioned only in passing, was the Houston mayorial election going on at the time of the events in the book was history making in itself It was the election of Kathy Whitmire, Houston s first female mayor. Evil in DisguiseI found this to be a page Turner for me This woman was one of the most evil persons that I have read about in my 40 years of reading true crime books I was amused by the title and wondered why the author used it , but understood later. This tells the tale of the volatile relationship between reporter Gary Taylor and femme fatale attorney Catherine Mehaffey It is a slow burner, the first half of the book being spent largely on providing background details of Gary Taylor s early life and career While at the time this seemed excessive, it added to the overall roundness of the story.There is a devastating finale, the details of which I won t reveal to others who have not yet read the book The couple of chapters preceding this were suspenseful and had me gripping the edge of my seat The text prior to this provided a comprehensive and highly detailed account not only of Taylors life leading up to his relationship with Mehaffey but also her irrational acts and violent behaviour during their affair.Taylors philandering behaviour did not perhaps generate much sympathy from me as a reader as he related his traumatic experience at the hands of Mehaffey However, by the books end it is hard not to feel relieved that the consequences were not worse than was the case, particularly with regard to his children.Taylor appears to act first and think later throughout the book, almost compulsively inviting dire consequences He doesn t seem to have any moral qualms about notching up as many pieces of skirt as he can throughout the book and I did ask myself briefly What exactly are you looking for from a relationship He only awoke from his slumber of ignorance in the final phases of the book when Mehaffeys behaviour could have had consequences which could have been terminal for either Taylor or anyone who had any involvement with him.I did feel that perhaps by the end of the book and approaching his mid thirties, Taylor had perhaps grown into a mature adult and realised that actions have consequences something most of us learn earlier in life There is a warning contained within the book in terms of the caution we should all observe before embarking on a sexual relationship with someone who we barely know However, given Taylors own serious character flaws, the events have to be interpreted in the light of ones own personal set of values and moral code.In terms of the quality of the book, I did enjoy it It was well written, in depth and like any good thriller, had a slow build up to a climactic finish. Note This is a book I wrote and published Of course I will give it five stars Others have done that, too And here are two guest reviews from POD People.com and Self Publishing Review webzine Title Luggage By Kroger A True Crime MemoirAuthor Gary TaylorGenre memoir, true crimePrice 22.95Publisher iUniverseISBN 978 0 595 53030 4Point of Sale Reviewed by Chris GerribGary Taylor is an interesting fellow, self described as one third rogue, and his book Luggage By Kroger is an entertaining read In 1979, Gary was working the courts beat for the Houston Chronicle He was also getting a divorce from his second wife, and broke enough that he was using a Kroger grocery sack to transport his dirty laundry Hence the title Luggage By Kroger.While all this drama was going on, Catherine Mehaffey, a young and attractive Houston lawyer, was suing for alimony from her boyfriend of three months, who she called her common law husband The case wasn t going that good for Catherine, until on January 15, 1979, Catherine s boyfriend, George Tedesco, turned up bludgeoned to death in his garage Undaunted, Catherine amended her case to proceed as his widow, despite being the obvious lead suspect in the murder Fully aware of Catherine s background, Gary Taylor started a relationship with Catherine Four months later, Catherine put a bullet in Gary s back The story of that shooting and the tempestuous, illogical and frantic maneuverings of the controlling Catherine Mehaffey take up a good third of the book Another third of the book is an entertaining recounting of Gary s life as a young reporter For example, the first day on the crime beat in Houston, Gary lost 25 in a poker game that broke up when a bank president, armed with his personal gun, was killed chasing bank robbers The final third of the book is taken up with the story of Gary s divorce from his second wife, a soap opera like story of infidelity and drug use All three of these narratives are skillfully and carefully woven into a coherent and interesting tale Gary has a self deprecating sense of humor, and a reporter s eye for critical details He s also done some research alas after his shooting into the nature of mental illness, and has come to understand that the obsessive love of Catherine Mahaffey was really a need to control everybody The Mehaffey story, which was well publicized at the time, became one of the inspirations for the movie Fatal Attraction Taylor s book is a window into that attraction It s also a damn fine read There s adult language and sex, so it s not for the faint of heart, but I highly recommend buying Luggage By Kroger RATING 10 10 POSTED BY CHRIS GERRIB AT 9 21 PM 1 COMMENTS LABELS 10 10, CHRIS GERRIB, REVIEW Guest reviewed by Randall Radic, author of A Priest in Hell and The Sound of Meat.Remember the movie Fatal Attraction And the movie Basic Instinct And the movie Play Misty For Me Toss all three of the movies in a blender, hit frappe and stand back What comes out would be Gary Taylor s new book Luggage By Kroger.LBK is the story of Gary s intimate relationship with Catherine Mehaffey, which began way back in 1979 As the story opens, Mehaffey is suing her live in lover for half of everything he has No, they weren t married Mehaffey claimed they were some bizarre version of common law husband and wife, therefore, she was entitled to sue for divorce and get half her husband s money Before the divorce hearing can take place, Mehaffey s live in lover husband turns up dead Somebody beat him to death with a pipe or some other equally gruesome blunt instrument.Now Mehaffey wants the entire estate and the money from the life insurance policy And did I mention that Mehaffey is a person of interest to the Houston Police Department In fact, they consider her their prime suspect.By the way, did I mention that this is a true story This is not fiction.Enter Gary Taylor, who is a reporter for the Houston Post He s trying to write a story on the whole Mehaffey murder quasi marriage dead lover who might be a former husband Taylor gets shall we say involved with Mehaffey They have lots of steamy sexual interludes As the freak show, which is called a relationship sounds like a disease , moves along, Taylor begins to wonder about his new girlfriend What he wonders is if she s just psychosocial or fully psychotic It s obvious to Taylor that Mehaffey killed her previous live in lover.And it isn t too long before Mehaffey takes aim literally at Taylor She tries to kill him I won t describe it, but it involves a.32 caliber handgun, a screaming harridan, and Taylor running away as fast as he can.LBK is a great book It s well written, which means that it moves along and doesn t get bogged down in nonsense that isn t pertinent to the story And Taylor s voice, which is funny in a I can t believe I did this and lived kind of way, entertains without trying to deliberately prove he should have been a comedian.Did I mention another tidbit It s a self published book, which is hard to tell because somebody did a good job of editing the text And somebody the same person did a wonderful job copy editing the text I couldn t find one typo or glitch in punctuation Most self publishers don t put that kind of time and attention into their final product The self publishers forget that when readers pay 20 bucks or for a book, they want their money s worth Taylor provides it.The title Luggage By Kroger was just weird enough to catch my eye The I think about the title, the I like it And the cover art was a good idea gone bad I liked the concept, but the implementation was poor The colors are washed out, which means I had to stare at the cover for two minutes to figure out what it was supposed to be Whereas, in a perfect world, the cover should slap me across the face with its high contrast.The cover was my only gripe Luggage By Kroger is worth the price of admission In fact, in my semi humble opinion, some BIG BOY publisher in the Big Apple should pick it up and publish it in hardcover with a lucid cover photo , then sell the paperback rights, then sell the translation rights and maybe do a movie option deal with Warner Brothers or MGM If they do, and it all comes true, I want 5 points on the back end of the movie as my middleman s fee.I ll see you in Hawaii, if it comes true I ll be guy working on his tan, drinking one of those fruity alcoholic concoctions with an umbrella in it.Short review summary buy this book It s sick as the hip kids say. Catherine Was Destined To Become Several Important Things To Me But Most Prominently, She Would Become My Problem Solver Before I Met Her, I Had A Bunch Of Problems Then, All Of Sudden, With Her In My Life I Had Only One Written As A True Crime Memoir, Luggage By Kroger Is A Unique, Genre Crossing Tale That Blends Memoir With Mystery, Legal Procedural, And Psycho Thriller Fatal Attraction Meets Angela S Ashes As A Former Houston Newspaper Reporter Recounts A Pivotal Year Centered On His Dangerous Affair With One Of The Most Intriguing Femmes Fatales Of American Crime Forewarned Of The Dangers But Unable To Resist, He Still Dives Into A Torrid Relationship That Takes Him To A New Level Of Self Awareness And Revelation As He Becomes Her Target While Trying To Protect His Estranged Wife And Their Two Daughters From The Violence They All Know Is Set To ExplodeTold With Self Deprecating Humor And High Octane Drama, Luggage By Kroger Pulls No Punches In Finally Sharing The Inside Story That Forced Him Onto The Talk Show Circuit In The Late S As The Poster Boy For True Life Fatal Attractions With Oprah, Regis And Sally It S A Story That Twice Has Seen Life As Television Docudrama But The Intimate Details Have Remained Under The Radar Since They Occurred In As He Says In His Dedication, This Book Is Written Partially For All Those Who Kept Me Out Late In Bars Demanding Should actually be 2 1 2 The only decent half was about the crime This guy was a jerk Nobody deserves to be shot at, but. Entertaining read I originally purchased it to research a story that I was writing, and was pleasantly surprised by Gary Taylor s even handed and at times empathetic retelling of events that happened to him a couple decades ago The book was somewhat marred by the clumsy way in which the climax was handled There was alot of buildup for an underwhelming climax There s maybe 150 pages of story here, but the book was 300 pages long at least according to the BN ebook page count Interesting read if you happen to like the True Crime genre. I posted a review when I originally finished this book Really enjoyed this one Very well written and with character depth which is sometimes absent in true crime books. This looks like it will be a great book to read.