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Firekeeper Only Vaguely Remembers A Time When She Didn T Live With Her Family, A Pack Of Royal Wolves Bigger, Stronger, And Smarter Than Normal Wolves Now Her Pack Leaders Are Sending Her Back To Live Among The Humans, As They Promised Her Mother Years AgoSome Of The Humans Think She May Be The Lost Heir To Their Throne This Could Be Good And It Could Be Very, Very Dangerous In The Months To Come, Learning To Behave Like A Human Will Turn Out To Be Complicated Than She D Ever ImaginedBut Though Human Ways Might Be Stranger Than Anything Found In The Forest, The Infighting In The Human S Pack Is Nothing Firekeeper Hasn T Seen Before That, She Understands Just Fine She S Not Your Standard Issue Princess And This Is Not Your Standard Issue Fairy Tale Child raised by wolves Where have we heard that one before But it s really, really good Well plotted, good characterization, lots of court intrigues and politics actually, too much of both for my taste, which is why I downgraded it to three stars An enjoyable read, but I am unlikely to buy any of the sequels. Heh Heh heh Extremely but unintentionally hilarious, with occasional stretches of deep dullness intricate political maneuverings, I m looking at you Occasionally spiced with a genuinely interesting subplot about how being raised by wolves leaves you a lot well equipped to deal with the sexuality of, you know, wolves, rather than humans The sort of thing you ll not entirely admit to liking, if you tend not to admit liking that sort of thing. Epic Fantasy has become a pretty strong hit or miss genre for me There once was a time I would OD on them, reading anywhere from 5 10 books a month if not Authors were constantly coming out with new series That s when things started going sour for me the genre was just getting beaten into the ground with a stick Soon the books became faceless comfort food, and anyone who eats too much of their favorite comfort food can soon become stale The plots, worlds, characters, and stories all felt like they were being pulled out of the indispensable magic hat of epic fantasy writing Soon I stopped anticipating reading anything by new authors and only went with re reads and authors I knew were good.When I picked up Through Wolf s Eyes I was going on a huge leap like head first plummet of faith It didn t sound like anything new A young girl pulled into high society and forced to try and make a bid as the next heir to the throne So what s new That young girl has lived with wolves all her life Raised by wolves When the humans come seeking her out to try and find the lost Prince s daughter she s never seen another human She s a wolf in heart and mind only lacking the body Lindskold doesn t lose sight of anything as Firekeeper the wolf girl joins the humans and tries to learn their ways She balances high political intrigue with human and wolf nature Each line is a beautiful example of the type of lyrical words that I love from the Epic Fantasy genre, especially when it s tempered by Lindskold s fantastic sense of humor.The biggest thing about Through Wolf s Eyes are its characters Most EFs forget that they actually have to realize the characters, not just barrow from the stereotype pool Each one of Lindskold s characters found their way into my head, and sometimes straight to my heart Not only was I reading for the plot and intrigue I wanted to know what was happening with each character Many felt like a dear friend The third person POV would change periodically spending time with a number of them Their interactions with each other felt real and their thoughts felt genuine Watching them grow before my eyes was beyond AWE some Even the current villain s of this book enchanted me with the depth of development Lindskold put in them Many times I found myself smiling ridiculously or getting angry my emotions were being played.This book reminds me why I always come crawling back to the Epic Fantasy genre It proves that new authors can still come up with great stories maybe even beating out some of the legends of the genre The court politics are sublime The battles are fought with words as well as swords, a heady mix of intrigue and action All of the characters will become like dear friends, and none of them are just stereotypes of the EF genre It gives me hopes that good EF still gets published We shouldn t give up on the genre Sadly it looks like the paperback issues are no longer in print, it s still available in eBook format Sexual Content Firekeeper doesn t know some of the basic bits of human modesty so that leads to some funny moments Topics of sex both politically and personally, and some not overly detailed sex scenes 5 5 Fabulous, a beautiful obsession Originally reviewed at Book Whispers. I must say this book is the exception to the rule of don t judge a book by its cover I picked it up on a whim because of my middle school love of wolves and of the beautiful artwork on it s cover The summary sounded so enticing too A search for a lost heir to the throne who has been raised by wolves Who wouldn t want to give this a try I fell in love with the characters, the medieval setting and the mystical animals with subtle hints of magic I like that it doesn t rely on magic to sell it s characters and story they re real in a sense, they re older, get hurt, get sick, bleed, and die They don t rely on magic to heal them or help them speak to animals ah but I m rambling A good read if you like fantasy and medieval politics A young woman raised by wolves is thrown into political intrigues at a Renaissance ish court Either this is your thing or it isn t I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as I would have had I read it when I was twelve.Sadly, it did not exist when I was twelve which surprises me, actually, since it has a very early 90s sensibility There s no hint of grimdark, here The good guys are Good, the bad guys are Bad but not in a kicks puppies, conducts gruesome tortures sort of way , and you know everything will work out in the end If you liked The Goblin Emperor and don t mind extensive infodumps there s a particularly egregious one toward the end, where the climax is halted to give the entire genealogical history of one of the characters , you might like this. Not your standard princess.The kingdom of Hawkhaven is in dire need of an heir The king has lost his children to death or exile and now every aunt, uncle, niece and nephew is clamouring to take the crown In the midst of all this political squabbling a small expedition is sent to find the exiled prince as a last ditch measure What they find however is a wild girl, raised by wolf who might just may be the prince s daughter and potential heir to the kingdom of Hawkhaven Firekeeper as she calls herself is wolf than human and will have to adjust polite society amid the dangers of the political intrigue all around her I must admit this is one of my favourite novels of all time Lindskold brings both the characters and the setting to life and gives them a history Some readers may find these histories a bit tedious, but to me they add the flavour this novel needs The story is a Multi POV story with Firekeeper herself as the central focus And what an awesome character she is A True wolf at heart, but still also a young girl flung in a world of politics Add to that a whole load of supporting characters all with their own ideas, motivations and feelings and you ve got one hell of a good novel If you re looking for a Low fantasy of good quality and excellent characters than this is the book for you. Obviously, there are five thousand stories carrying along the basic idea of a child raised by wolves Still, I must say it is somewhat appealing which is probably why it s been written about so many times although I do prefer an original plot compared to one that is taken from a common idea.Still, even with this, it was a very interesting and unique view on a common subject This book is highly political and interesting in that aspect, if with a fairly predictable ending.All in all, I enjoyed the book, but even I found it a bit slow at the beginning I realize much of the information at the beginning is vital in understanding the political standings of every possible heir to the throne of Hawk Haven, but it still dominated the book whereas the interesting content action, etc was surprisingly short lived.I enjoyed this book some but I do not know if I will continue on reading this series If the rest of the books resemble this first one, it might not be worth it Then again, I have not yet read them, and they could catch me by surprise. I m in two minds of whether this book warrants a review or not It s an easy, lazy read with no challenges to what you might consider right or wrong, a straight forward plot and love between the right people But what makes me want to say a few words about it anyway is the unusal heroine, Firekeeper Yes she s young and female, yes she has a Gift that makes her able to talk to animals, yes she is thought to be the lost heir of a throne But I can t help liking her She really IS that tough and has the scars to prove it She was the only surviver after a fire in the wilderness and was brought up by very special wolves, and she needs to re learn being human She does so without adding the typical female heroine vulnerabilities I rejoice in her reactions and diplomacy and her strenght Any other author would have taken away her wolf like qualities as she is integrated into society, but Jane Linskold does not Sure, there are negative things about the book, I only gave it three stars after all, but let s not dwell on these things and pick up a book that does empower a woman. Okay, so, to start This book includes 1 a world map, 2 a royal family tree, and 3 a glossary of characters Any guesses as to why supplementary materials like these are included in so many fantasy novels SO THAT EXTRANEOUS WORLD BUILDING FACTOIDS DON T NEED TO BE REVEALED THROUGH OVERLY EXPOSITORY NARRATION OR DIALOGUE.And yet that constituted 40% of the book.There was a scene in which one cousin recounts to another HIS WHOLE FAMILY S NAMES To his cousin Who has known this family all her life In another scene, a character explains that the border between the primary country and its greatest rival is a river as if this wouldn t be common knowledge and readily visible in the aforementioned map Several pages are dedicated to an Old Testament style recounting of who begat whom quite a few describe the geological events that formed a once used setting To put it briefly far too much time was spent agonizing over unnecessary or oft repeated details.The premise was great the plot was decent the writing put me to sleep Luckily, the pace picked up CONSIDERABLY in the last quarter of the book, which got me through it The sequel s been gathering dust on my shelf for the last decade or so which is actually why I picked this one up , so I ll give a run at that next, but if the writing is as torturous as in this one, I ll put it aside within the first hundred pages.