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    After finishing the whole series I still think that the first book was the best one And I loved the videos those were super awesome Would love to have books like this Still, remember when I brought it to school with me and talked about it with my friends One of the catchy phrases on the book cover was Chat with the killer Which meant that there is a video of the detective chatting with the killer And my friends were like you should be really careful Chatting with a killer What are you thinking D Fun times.

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    Dark Origins hit the world at just the right time, when overdramatic FBI depictions on television like Criminal Minds were all the rage It s not bad but I felt like it was trying too hard to push itself as this incredible psychological horror akin to Silence of the Lambs or Session 9 when really it was just recycling the same pattern of similar stories that we ve all seen time and time again Its dialogue felt way too over the top and cheesy, and its characters were unbelievably ridiculous for the most part.

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    I don t ask for any kind of literary high mindedness when I read throw away modern crime novels This book, however, has some of the worst prose I have ever read, but the scene where the killer flenses the hair in his anus was a treat.Duane Swierczynski writes amazing comic books He does You should go out and pick up his runs on Immortal Iron Fist and Werewolf by Night In the Blood What you should absolutely avoid is this interactive novel that he co wrote with the creator of, ugh, the television show CSI.I feel like the scripts and teleplays from episodes of CSI, the worst crime drama recreation ever to air on television, would make for literary read than this book The hack writing of the show would be easier to follow and only half as convoluted The premise drew me in enough to make me pick the book up instead of straight out selling it on when it came in the mail from a book club I belong to A Level 26 killer, a new kind of killer that surpasses all other killers ever known to man This is a new breed of killer because the scale stops at 25 Problem with this premise No killer ranked currently surpasses level 22 currently and the killer in the book is no exception There is nothing that this killer does that outranks Gacy or Gary Ridgway I m not saying that this isn t brutal, but it doesn t match the premise The killer only eludes the police for nearly 30 years, which, as most people know, Ridgway almost did as well so yeahWhat makes this killer different Absolutely nothing It couldn t be sold on it s own merit so it had to come up with a selling point and I admittedly fell for it But about 30 pages in I began to realize that the book wasn t what it had claimed So instead of getting something new, we get a rehashing of Thomas Harris Red Dragon, and that is really all this book is What I would have preferred was a very single minded killer and an in depth analysis of the killer and motives Instead, he kills anyone he wants This is supposed to make him dangerous What it makes him is unbelievable and cartoonish You want a good serial killer book, or at least a decent one Read Red Dragon Better yet, watch serial killer movies like Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer and Maniac Or read one of the many non fiction books on actual serial killers because they are actually worth the time and energy and all the shocking for being REAL.Take this book and flense someone s anus with it.

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    I started out with high hopes for this book, but the further I got into it, the worse it became It s in the category of great idea, poorly executed There s so much wrong with this book I don t even know where to begin First of all, the idea of a Level 26 killer It s interesting, but in the end, he s no different than one of Dr Michael Stone s Level 22 killers The only thing that makes him special is that they couldn t catch him for 30 years Well, look how long it took to catch BTK and he s only a 22 Also, his motives weren t even anything new, just the same old religious nutcase ramblings of most other fictional serial killers Squeegle was creepy as hell, I ll give you that, but I couldn t even call him terrifying because sometimes, he was just plain comical, especially when the videos are added in.The continuity errors are the biggest problem in the book If you go to the book s website, you ll see that Zuiker has started a contest for finding the most errors I thought this was kind of funny at first, but really There shouldn t BE that many errors, especially that many huge errors I was pulled out of the story so often by the errors that it was hard to really just go with it The biggest mistake he made was trying to give timelines None of his timelines match up He tells us in the beginning about one of Squeegle s earliest kills In 1990 This is the mother in the car wash Except, it s 2009 in the story A couple pages before 1990, he tells us Squeegle has been killing for over twenty years 1990 to today is less than twenty Then, later, we re told his earliest is 1979, which makes it 30 years Also, he tells us that Dark spent a year after his family s murder on a rampage, trying to find Squeegle It s made clear that it was either a full year or a better part of a year So how is it that Dark has been with Sibby for a year and a half, when he met her AFTER the year he spent in various places Continuity is a HUGE problem here, and I expect better There is no way a book like that, priced so high, should make it onto the shelves with as many problems as there were.On top of all that, some things just don t make sense Most of Wycoff s actions don t make sense, neither does his ability to do these things Much like Squeegle at times, Wycoff was mostly just cartoonish, reminding me of some mustache twirling villain in a cartoon I just could not like this book The further I went in, the I wished it was over I stopped watching the videos about halfway through They were mostly unnecessary, and sometimes they even made the continuity issues worse I give Zuiker credit for the concept He tried something new It just didn t work, at least for me I will be staying away from future digi novels, and unless the editors working with him learn how to do their jobs, I ll not be reading anything else Zuiker puts out I just can t have respect for an author that doesn t have enough respect for me as a reader to give me quality work Next time, he should be focused on the actual writing and not just on his super cool new idea.

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    Review ex posted on my blog Before I even start, let me just get it out there LEVEL 26 IS A MUST READ DON T HESITATE OR CONTEMPLATE, JUST GO GET IT Alright, reading this book is like nothing else that you re ever read It is an experience You don t simply read this novel, you live it You fear for the victims, an you re scared crapless by the killer Every 20 pages or so of the novel, provides with a code that you put in at level26.com This unlocks a video clip that enhances the reading experience The clips enable you to witness the characters fears, and the monster s thought process Sweegel is the CREEPIEST, STRANGEST criminal I ve ever seen He s unlike anything you ve ever seen before and that combined with Zuiker s writing style makes this novel extremely captivating I read all 400 pages in ONE NIGHT There was no way I could put down the book until I knew whether or not a certain someone lives, or if Sweegal is caught and how But this book is only the first book in a series, so there s an INSANE cliff hanger at the end I don t know how I m going to wait for book 2 I CAN NOT WAIT By the way, Did I mention that Level 26 is a MUST READ I did Well, it s worth mentioning over and over IT S A MUST READ

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    Ick, ick and ick I heard about this book before it came out and it sounded interesting That was until I actually saw the book and noticed that it describes itself as from the visionary creator of CSI Wow Self glorify much He s said in interviews that he believes books need to evolve to keep up with television and video viewing and this is his plan to move reading forward into the new age I say books are fine Leave them alone.

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    Leider eine gro e Entt uschung Mir wurde das Buch vor Jahren mal als super kranker Thriller empfohlen bei dem man ngstlich Nachts im Bett liegt F r mich war es einfach nur ein schlecht geschriebenes Buch, was versucht mit Ekel und vermeintlich schockierende Taten des M rders Angst zu erzeugen F r mich war es aber die meiste Zeit einfach nur l cherlich Gleichzeitig sind die handelnden Personen nicht wirklich sympathisch f r mich und ihre Taten oft so unfassbar vorhersehbar und unsinnig Das Ende weist auf Teil 2 hin Dunkle Prophezeihung , welchen ich aber ganz sicher nicht lesen werde Teil 3 auch nicht Schade, denn die Idee mit den Kurzvideos, die man zwischendurch schauen kann war neu f r mich und ganz spannend Leider ist die Qualit t der Videos Schauspieler und teilweise Art der Darstellung auch nicht sonderlich gut Den M rder fand ich darin eher albern als gruselig Schade, schade.

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    What a concept, read the story and watch short videos online that enhance the story I really wanted to like this book but found myself disgusted with the cliche s early on An old, hard as nails, cop who is only months from retirement and a washed up drunk who is suddenly the only person in the world who can catch a killer, are teamed up to solve the case The killer has a God complex and thinks he has been sent by god to commit these crimes I ve read that all before I was ready to give up on this book early but I really hate having books in my abandoned list so I continued reading The story is full of holes and there are things that are never explained, we never find out where the killer gets his money for example The online videos were barley worth the effort to watch, the directing was extremely bad, the acting was fair with some known actors in small parts, the problem was the information Some of the videos show you information before it appears in the book and some of them are from scenes that are not even in the book I had hoped that the videos would give hints and clues that would add to the story but you could read the book without going online and not miss anything.Once I decided that I was not going to abandon this book, I discovered that everything in the book didn t have to be perfect for me to enjoy it When I read stories about people visiting alien worlds, I have to suspend reality to a certain degree, I had to do the same with this book before I could enjoy it Once I got past a few of the boring cliche s, I realized that despite myself, I was completely caught up in the story and couldn t wait to get to the next video Level 26 was a weird experience for me After reading the jacket cover, I thought this was a fantastic idea and I couldn t wait to start reading it After reading the first four chapters I was ready to abandon Level 26 because it didn t seem to have anything new in the storyline worth the effort to read it Now that I have finished Level 26, I think it was a pretty interesting experience and I will probably continue reading the trilogy.

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    Currently there are 25 levels to categorize serial killers One is someone who just stumbles into killing Twenty Five would describe the sadistic psychopaths who find pleasure in suffering Now imagine that one person has become even evil than the serial killers you ve heard about in the past Imagine someone who has absolutely no compassion, no feeling, not even a soul A person lacking all these characteristics is out there and because he doesn t seem to show any of the normal traits of a killer it impossible to catch him This psycho has a name It s Sqweegel.The one person who has the ability to catch this criminal is Steve Dark In a state of mourning, thanks to the psycho, Dark is through with law enforcement and wants no part of the chase But when the lives of his friends at the department are threatened, Dark decides to step in again Will he be able to stop this madman before several other murders take place Or will the world live in fear of Sqweegel until the day they die To sum up this book in one word, is impossible But for some reason, I m the type of person that loves the impossible and do everything I can to try and make it possible So as you ve probably guessed, I ve been doing some hardcore thinking I know what your thinking, and yes it caused a massive headache, LOL so as I pondered and looked through the dictionary no I didn t really look in the dictionary but shhh, it s our secret and the word that jumped out at me was WOAH Yes, all caps and an exclamation point.This is really difficult to review Not only is there a book to read but at about every twenty pages, you can log onto www.level26.com and enter a password watch a clip that will tie in with that section of the book If you re a CSI fan, this book is probably shouting at you through your monitor, right now, saying BUY ME, READ ME, LOVE ME The author Anthony E Zucker is the award winning creator, producer, and writer of CSI, CSI Miami, and CSI NY.So, to be completely honest, this book scared the crap out of me

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    I regret that I have to say I finished this book I don t particularly like slasher torture books, for the same reason I don t go to slasher movies I should have stopped at the book cover Unfortunately once I start a book, I almost feel compelled to finish it Sigh Oh, well warning there is a spoiler later on in this review.The bad guy is creepy, extremely so The good guy, named Dark, is an emotional wreck, based on a previous encounter with the bad guy How s that for a natural set up Of course, something the bad guy does forces Dark to join in the chase.So, the only thing that makes Dark part of the human race is his new wife, who,just happens to be pregnant Can you guess what the plot is What I don t get, is how these sick twisted freaks, who spend all their time plotting and performing gruesome murders, can be so loaded with money, they can have several places, or homes, hire private jets to fly all over the worldThere are a few inconsistencies in this novel We are expected to believe there is an secret organization in our government whose job it is to assassinate American citizens well, on the other hand with the Obama administration, maybe that isn t too far fetched In one sequence in the story., the good guy seems to magically appear to thwart one of the torture scenes, but the bad guy escapes it s not explained how Dark knew where to go, etc And then when Dark s wife is kidnapped, and tortured and killed, there is almost no reaction, other than he killed the creep And then he goes to the next case Wow From emotional cripple to fully functioning crime solver I don t get it, his foster family killed by the serial killer he collapses into booze and self pity but the love of his life is killed, brutally, and he becomes a mighty crime fighter Won t read the next in the series.