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NIGHT'S MASTER is the first book of the stunning arabesue high fantasy series Tales from the Flat Earth which in the manner of The One Thousand and One Nights portrays an ancient world in mythic grandeur via connected tales Long time ago when the Earth was Flat beautiful indifferent Gods lived in the airy Upperearth realm above curious passionate demons lived in the exotic Underearth realm below and mortals were relegated to exist in the middle Azhrarn Lord of the Demons and the Darkness was the one who ruled the Night and many mortal lives were changed because of his cruel whimsy And yet Azhrarn held inside his demon heart a profound mystery which would change the very fabric of the Flat Earth foreverCome within this ancient world of brilliant darkness and beauty of glittering palaces and wondrous elegant beings of cruel passions and undying loveDiscover the exotic wonder that is the Flat Earth

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestMost of the highly anticipated YA fantasy novels coming out this year have been a bust for me and I keep getting the occasional rude comment that says something like You're too pickymeanetc Well to that I say Maybe I actually know what good fantasy novels look like because I've actually read some marvels with achingly good prose that has so much pathos it just about makes you cry? Because if that's what you're looking for Tanith Lee is thatI've read this book before first hint that this book is good because I rarely keep or reread books once I've finished with them and recently decided to read it again in a buddy read with my friend Elena This is classic fantasy at its best written in a way that reminds me of the books of fairy tales and mythology I had as a kid or of the Oz and Narnia books The world building is fresh and inventive and organic; while reading this you have to continually remind yourself that no this isn't a retelling She made it all upEach chapter is a standalone story that bleeds seamlessly into the next One character connects them and that is a demon named Azhrarn who reminds me a lot of Jareth in Labyrinth in terms of his personality and abilities Azhrarn is a demon lord who resides in the Underearth Periodically he surfaces to sow mischief or have sex with humans or both both is preferred It's easy to see him as an evil villain in the beginning but each chapter peels another layer from this character and by the time you get to the end of the book you see that he is much complicated that you anticipatedI love Tanith Lee so much She is literally one of my favorite authors and I could sit here and fangirl over her for hours Her writing is gorgeous and complex and ornate without being flowery She writes the way I wish that I could write and I'm constantly blown away by her original turns of phrases and the way she can set a mood with just a few carefully curated words All of her stories are very dark I love dark but thought provoking and interesting and original I don't think I've ever read something by her that I didn't love It is so sad that she passed because she was so gifted and than that just such an interesting individual This book and her others are proof of that45 stars

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    What in the actual fuck did I just read?ueer characters who are grooming pedophiles women who get raped and become villains themselves only to be further punished by the narrative I just whatno

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    45 starsORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureLong ago the earth was flat Humans lived on its surface while the benevolent gods who created them lived in the heavens Regretting that they had made man the gods ignored their creation and held themselves aloof while the sorcerous demons that lived in the glowing gem encrusted city under the earth were permitted to use humans as they wished Being at the whim of cruel and impulsive demons made these times terrifying for humans Eventually hate and evil began to prevail and earth was near death but the gods showed no inclination to save humanity Azhrarn Prince of Demons and Night’s Master was the proudest and most powerful demon of all When he discovered a beautiful orphaned human child and brought him to live in the underworld the destiny of the earth was changed forever Tanith Lee’s Night’s Master the first of her FLAT EARTH series is a collection of connected stories set in Lee’s uniue world The first story recounts Azhrarn’s discovery and love for the human child he finds Each of the following tales is related perhaps by a character an object or a theme Together the stories weave a vast dark mythology covering thousands of years With vivid imagery and elegant prose they show demons meddling in human affairs humbling men who exalt themselves and using magic to harness the powers of music love and joy as well as grief hate and deathNight’s Master is dark yet richly luxuriant and full of passion The writing is gorgeous There’s not much that a lover of excellent fantasy could ask for though some readers may wish for a obvious hero to love You won’t find one here Instead you’ll feel the decline of civilization and the degeneration into hopelessness as a capricious demon wields magic against powerless men But because the demons admire beauty there’s also a gothic splendor that permeates the novel In many ways the setting and characters of FLAT EARTH are reminiscent of Jack Vance’s DYING EARTH stories which isn’t surprising considering that Vance was one of Tanith Lee’s major influences Night’s Master has just been produced in audio by Audible Frontiers The narrator Susan Duerden did a great job with the dialogue — she has a lovely resonant voice which is a good fit for this dark fairytale Unfortunately her reading occasionally takes on a noticeable sing song uality during the narrative I hope this will not be as conspicuous in the second FLAT EARTH novel Death’s MasterMore reviews of Tanith Lee's books at Fantasy Literature

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    Maybe closer to 35 stars but what the heck Did you ever read Vance's Dying Earth stories and think you know what this needs? More penetrationSeriously though this book was kind of hard for me to rate First of all it is basically a bunch of short stories and I am rarely impressed with short story collections To each his own and all but I am of a novel kind of guy I will say however that if you like fairy tales especially darker ones then you will probably find yourself right at home hereOn the other hand the imagery that Lee presents us with is absolutely stunning Gods clothed in butterflies beautiful demons magic trees flying ships made of dragon bone other realms above the clouds and the mouth of hate itself all populate Lee's strange almost surreal world Many times during this book I cared less about the story and about just wanting to walk around and experience this incredible place that her intense imagination dreamed up for usBesides that Lee's trademark touches are here or at least what little I know about her Gender and sexuality are fluid most beings are either breathtakingly beautiful or horrible monsters and the world is dark dark dark

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    Fantasy author Tanith Lee takes inspiration from The Arabian Nights and Tales of the Dying Earth to tell a series of interconnected tales of the demon Azhrarn and the mortals with whose lives he meddles Lee uses a similar storytelling style to that of Ursula K Le Guin in A Wizard of Earthsea to give the narrative a mythical flavor Unfortunately none of the story content is than mildly interesting and much of it including some truly bizarre sexual content may be revolting to modern readers

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    One night Azhrarn Prince of Demons one of the Lords of Darkness took on him for amusement the shape of a great black eagle East and west he flew beating with his vast wings north and south to the four edges of the world for in those days the earth was flat and floated on the ocean of chaos Another one of those I'm not even going to pretend to be objective about This has been one of my favorite books and favorite series ever since I first read them in the distant days of 1990 when the earth may in fact have been flat and was utterly transfixed by Tanith Lee's luxuriant prose and exotic settingsNot really a novel per se; a series of loosely linked myths or fables in which Azhrarn Prince of Demons typically plays an instigating role but spends most of his time in the background as humans then pick up the threadsBeautifully if obliuely erotic and ever so delicately perverse

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    40 stars A beautifully written original fantasy story that reads like mythology The main character Azhrarn is the Prince of Demons Azhrarn is extremely powerful and spends his time amusing himself mostly by tormenting humans and creating mischief As the story progresses through a series of interlinked tales we see Azhrarn transform from malevolent trickster to Christ like savior and then back again A very good book and certainly an excellent choice if you are looking for sonething a little different RecommendedNominee World Fantasy Award for Best Novel

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    45 starMagnificently strange and otherworldly Feels like a weird dream from which I don't want to wake

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    Tanith Lee is a veritable master of the macabre Her stories are stunningly lush fever dreams of someone who loves the dark but remembers that maybe others will not This is a book of mythology whose focus is not that of the gods or mortal heroes but of demons Finally when the protagonists do the terrible things our gods so often are said to have done you understand whyCONTENT WARNING view spoiler incest rape both statutory and graphic death torture war hide spoiler

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    This is the first in a series and having struggled through this one I'm not sure I want to continue although I have the othersThe book is not really a novel but a series of interconnected short stories with the same setting Flat Earth at a time when the gods exist but are remote self obsessed beings with no interest in humanity or the Earth and demons also exist who live in the Underearth and take an all too unpleasant interest The chief character if you can call him such is Azharn a prince among demons who has a huge following of various subservent lesser demons upon whom he can call to work mischief on Earth on his behalf From time to time he takes a personal interest and visits Earth always at night as the sun's rays destroy his kind as in the first story where he takes a human child after the baby's mother dies and gives him to some of his followers to rear only taking a personal interest when the teenage boy is old enough to have sex with The demons especially Azharn have the property of inspiring obsessive love and devotion in mortals so the odds are heavily stacked against those humans with which they interactIn other stories a kingdom falls because Azharn decides to bait the tyrant in charge who has committed hubris by raising statues of himself with inscriptions that set him above the gods and demons Afterwards only a baby daughter of the king's survives and even she is scarred and injured An old priest raises her and tries to shield her from the truth of her appearance but sadly the child learns of her disfigurement at the cruel hands of a passing prince and when the priest dies of old age she is tricked and brutally raped by a pedlar Afterwards she turns to black magic and demonology and becomes as cruel as her dead father seeking revenge on all humanity for what she has suffered Naturally she makes a pact with Azharn Along the way she brings suffering to countless others including two brothers whose tale is told as another connected storyVery few people obtain a happy ending other than a blind singer and even he undergoes huge trials due to Azharn wanting to amuse himself at the man's expense Yet there is a twist eventually where Azharn shows himself of a help to humanity than the coldhearted godsThe style of writing is very much that of a retelling of folklore or fairy tales although this material is all original It has a faint 'feel' of the Arabian nights but only in that in some stories the women go veiled and in the exotic names A lot of the characters are blonde in any case so it is really only a hint Due to the form there is no real character development and it is difficult to feel sympathy for the ever changing personnel despite their awful ordeals especially when some of them change from victim to mass murderer The writing is lush and on balance I would award the book 3 stars for that even though I did not really 'enjoy' the tales