Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man A Memoir PDF ↠

Bill Clegg had a thriving business as a literary agent a supportive partner trusting colleagues and loving friends when he walked away from his world and embarked on a two month crack binge He had been released from rehab nine months earlier and his relapse would cost him his home his money his career and very nearly his lifeWhat is it that leads an exceptional young mind want to disappear? Clegg makes stunningly clear the attraction of the drug that had him in its thrall capturing in scene after scene the drama tension and paranoiac nightmare of a secret life and the exhilarating bliss that came again and again until it was eclipsed almost entirely by doom He also explores the shape of addiction how its pattern not its cause can be traced to the past Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man is an utterly compelling narrative lyrical irresistible harsh honest and beautifully written from which you simply cannot look away

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