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The Boss s Marriage Arrangement 3.0 starsI liked how smitten Matthew was with Harriet What I wasn t so enad with was his unprofessional behavior at the office I think the author was trying to emphasize how overcome Matthew was with love and desire for Harriet that he couldn t focus on anything else But the preoccupation with sex they were jumping on each other at almost every opportunity was jarring Don t get me wrong I m all for hot sex scenes, but I would have liked to have seen an equal expression of their emotional and physical desires, like in Jordan s earlier work.Speaking of her previous efforts, the author s writing technique is usually elegant It was less polished in this book, as if a teenager wrote it No offense to teenagers, but there was a notable difference His Darling Valentine 3.5 stars I liked Carole Mortimer s story better even though Penny Jordan is my favorite Harlequin author Ross was just a sweetie view spoiler As Tazzy s secret admirer, he really went all out to impress her in his build up to his marriage proposal, sending romantic tokens of his love throughout Valentine s Day hide spoiler The Boss S Marriage Arrangement By Penny JordanEveryone In Her Office Thinks Harriet Is Boss Matthew Cole S Fianc E Harriet Has To Keep Reminding Herself It S All Just For Convenience But How Far Is Matthew Prepared To Go With Their Arrangement Marriage His Darling Valentine By Carole MortimerIt S Valentine S Day And A Secret Admirer Is Bombarding Tazzy Darling With Gifts Any Woman Would Be Delighted But Not Tazzy There S Only One Man From Whom She Wants To Receive Love Tokens, And That S Her Boss, Ross Valentine Won t read againFirst book was all right but the going back and forth between H and h POV was to quick Second was ridiculous and unbelievable. 2.5 stars The Boss s Marriage Arrangement 4 Matt loves Harriet, who loves Ben, who loves Cindi, who loves Ben, who does not love Harriet, who does not love Matt, who does love her with the kind of savage,self destructive, all consuming hunger that set all his inner emotional buttons on overdrive and meltdown every damned time he saw her.So Harriet s best friend is male Ben and his girlfriend doesn t get their relationship so Harriet will pretend to date her boss Matt,of course they are in love but hide their attraction from each other so it s light,funny and sexy story with some silly events that work pretty well actually.His Darling Valentine 3 is on the other hand sweet but sometimes boring and predictable,we also have boss in love with PA so he secretly sends her Valentine gifts from 7 20h when he s gonna reveal himself,butBoth stories are cute and fast reads Darling Valentine only Ahhh..the things one does when in love. I dont particularly fancy reviewing short stories two in one books or whatnot, cause you will most likely end up liking one story than the other and hating some parts that will probably affect your review in its entirety However this book wasn t the case I liked it I really did, sure, it was predictable corny and at times too sweet but hey thats harlequin for u Its good old fun, sweet and romantic without any realistic views whatsoever If I wanted to get away from reading something that involves cheating infidelity then I go and read harlequin books Because the men are vocal, at times feminine they know what the want feel and you can be sure theyll get it The men here are loyal pining and whipped but I loved that I like stories that have plots involving the hero loving the heroine first So if u love sappy romance like me then read this The men are intense, driven and whipped, me loves.. These two stories are quick, cute and delightful They definitely bring a whole lotta love.