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Reisil is a tark a healer fresh from her training, serving in the village where she grew up Without mother or father, she s tried hard to make a home for herself, so when a goshawk comes to claim her for the ahalad kaaslane, who wander the realm unceasingly, she refuses the bond But the bird is stubborn, and soon her own duties as a tark force her to take on the role she wants least in order to prevent war from tearing apart everything she holds dear.The plot is, for the most part, straightforward, which works in its favor There s enough going on with Reisil adjusting to being ahalad kaaslane to have to worry about political backbiting and intricate subplots As an adventure, it works well, leaping from one danger to the next, hiding power and revealing it, and culminating in a showdown with a god There s a lot of attention to the small details like food and travel, which helped ground me much firmly in that world.Most of my complaints are of plot rather than prose The book begins with Reisil tripping over her own feet not exactly the most interesting way to begin, since all it serves to do is introduce the backstory That backstory would have been better suited for later it would have been far interesting to start her at a sickbed, or doing something that would require some action before all the summarized flashback Similarly, the ending fell rather flat it wrapped up too neatly, with too many really obvious hints about where it s going to go from here.The bonding was, for the most part, well done Saljane s thoughts never feel human they are simple, never stupid What annoyed me was the same thing that annoys me about every other animal human bonding book I ve read total love at first sight It s too corny to feel real Total love and devotion take time to build, and slapping it all on at once, even if the feelings are not reciprocated fully, feels sloppy The power Reisil wields by the end is also far too much, far too fast It s Mary Sue at its finest, where the heroine, blessed with the power of her god and her righteousness, proceeds to blast the living hell out of anyone standing in her way It s too easy There s not enough victory, winning like that She didn t lose enough to make that worthwhile her regrets about her old life were mostly said, not felt, at least for me.Overall I think the book was worth what I spent on it, but there s always the little piece of me that hopes to find a story that really gets it, and this one isn t there yet But there are sequels, and I already own them, so it s very possible I ll be reviewing Reisil s continued adventures soon Recommended. Ahoy there me mateys I received this fantasy eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So here are me honest musings.Title path of fateAuthor Diana Pharoah FrancisPublisher Open Road Integrated MediaPublication Date July 12, 2016ISBN 9781504037716Source NetGalleyWhen I saw that Diana Pharoah Francis had a book available on NetGalley I got excited I thought oh I love her writing even though silly me couldn t remember the name of the book that I had previously read just that I loved it As soon as I started reading this novel, I knew I had read it before It is likely that I borrowed this from a library back in the day Turns out the book is being re released in eBook format As the details in my head were so fuzzy i.e almost non existent, I got excited to re explore this novel.I loved it all over again The story is about Reisil who is a tark a healer Reisil has finished her training and is settling down in the village of Kodu Riik where she feels that she has found her purpose in life Only the gods have other plans You see there are these people called ahalad kaaslane who have telepathic bonds with their animal friends They serve as guardians of the land When a goshawk appears in Kodu Riik and claims Reisil has been chosen, Reisil rebels When a kidnapping threatens a truce to end the war between two neighboring lands, Reisil must make a choice This book details the choice Reisil makes and its consequences.I loved Reisil and how she comes to terms with the beginning of her destiny Of course having telepathic abilities with animals is awesome Ahalad kaaslane have lynx, lizard, and other companions I like that Reisil s magic bond is not instant or natural She has to learn to use her talents She of course is smart, loyal, and caring I also love that for the most part the light romance aspects of the novel are realistic First loves do not always last Neither do second ones There was a small unnecessary love triangle in his book which did irk me but overall did not spoil the book for me Also the portrayal of the gods in this story was fun I rather liked them.The author s website describes the trilogy as The Path books PATH OF FATE, PATH OF HONOR, PATH OF BLOOD are traditional epic fantasy The first focuses on Reisil and how she has to make a choice to do something she absolutely doesn t want to do, even though everybody else thinks is a great honor In the second book, she finds out that not everybody is what they seem to be, and that evil can be really seductive In the third book, she finally comes into herself and must really embrace who she s become I want to definitely read the rest of the trilogy.So lastly.Open Road Integrated Media If ye liked this review, see me others at In The Land Of Kodu Riik, It Is An Honor To Be Selected By The Lady To Have One S Soul Bonded With One Of Her Blessed Animals And Roam The Land Serving Her Will But Riesil Refuses To Bow To Fate A Decision That May Have Repercussions Across The Realm I feel guilty saying this about any book, but I thought this one was a complete waste of time In the show, don t tell sense, this is a very tell book The cardboard characters and inconsistencies in plot and description had me practically tearing my hair out The limits of magic were not well delineated, and except for the main character s hawk, all the magic users animal familiars were pointless decorations in the story On top of that, as the book progressed, the main character was granted and superpowers by the goddess, so that by the end she was practically omnipotent and loved by everyone to boot I am not planning on reading the sequels, nor would I recommend this book Just my opinion, though. The book had a strong start, but midway through things became too convenient The protagonist acquires power very easily, it s almost like cheating Actions events lose their value when Reisil s plot hax aka healing ability kicks in She can fix anything just by tapping into her god given magic without consequences Well, there are supposed to be consequences but the author works around them.Also most characters don t have a lot of depth, and they love loooong and rational monologues Path of fate started out as a good book that lost its spark at the end 3 5 stars for good world building. I ve found myself craving reading books with strong female characters, and for the most part I ve been disappointed with the tales that are told Romance always seems to overtake and turns the female and turns her into a dribbling mess who cannot exist without her other half Other times the female character is a type of over powered super god who floats over all her obstacles With Path of Fate, the relationships were very well done Riesil did not subcome to high school romance and she remained level headed She was an enjoyable woman who grew and became strong I did enjoy the book, it was refreshing and light I did find myself not following the story from time to time The author had of habit of not explaining things or skipping over major events like they were trivial If Riesil had just saved someone s life she is a healer after all , the author wouldn t go into explanation on how Riesil did it or took any time to get the reader to care Maybe they would be a mention of it later in the book as a back thought Oh yeah, I did do X and Y Other than Riesil there wasn t much character development, and i found myself not caring what happened to others in the world I find it a bit disappointing in books when their main characters skip though their world without much concern They always seems to have an easy time and if they get any type of magical powers at their command, they will rely on that to solve most of their problems In Path of Fate, solutions come easy for Riesil I felt as if the author took the easy way out and instead of letting Riesil work hard for her goal maybe coming up with a solution that wasn t magical , the author handed her a free pass card The ending felt very empty and shallow, all the growing Riesil had done as a character and her travels really didn t get to shine Everything fit into place nicely bad guys get punished, good things happen to everyone she loves, etc It was very Mercedes Lackey and lovely. This is the story of an orphan, raised by a town yet never feeling like she had a real home When she is called by her goddess to serve, she resists because it means leaving the home she has worked so hard to achieve But, events conspire against her, and she finds that she must accept her calling in order to save lives.This book started out very slow for me We spend a couple of days following Reisil around on her trips to gather herbs, help deal with health issues she comes across, and follow up with people she s treating She s feeling happy but insecure as she awaits formal acknowledgement of being the town s healer, despite the fact they renovated a cottage with greenhouse for her It turns out she even had time during all this training, serving, and worrying to develop a new color of dye that can be sold to make money for herself and the town.At the start of the book I didn t care too much for Reisil as a lot of time is spent in her head as she worries about her lack of permanent belonging Her insecurity and angst was tiresome for me Then she also uses that insecurity to allow others to treat her less than well, despite being in a position that is respected What I did like was her willingness to talk people down from bad places and her focus on healing and saving lives.Then there is the guy who bullies her I would normally have thought that it was because he liked her and she didn t respond But, that s not her experience view spoiler and it doesn t ever develop that was the case either maybe in a future book hide spoiler QUICK PITCH A girl gets a bird Adventures ensue First in the Path trilogy VERDICT The worldbuilding is a bit shaky there were several moments where I wondered whether I was actually reading book two, or whether this series is a sequel to a different series, which I don t think it is Overall, though, this is the best of the Path trilogy by a long shot It helps that the POV sticks with one character Reisil instead of flitting around, and that the core conflict gets locked fairly quickly and doesn t shift beyond that. The best of the Path trilogy Not that the latter two books are bad, but this one stands on its own Reisil is tough, interesting, and never so important that she can t get called on doing stupid or embarrassing things Saljane is one of the best realized telepathic companion animals I ve encountered she provides love and support and all that wonderfulness, but she is a bird and she acts like a bird, always, not only when it would be cute or plot convenient or funny Kebonsat is fantastic, and his and Reisil s gradually warming up to each other is well handled.The trilogy overall has a strong theme of get over your damage, do what needs doing, and don t let your past control you It s expanded upon in the later books, but it gets its best iterations here.Some of the worldbuilding is questionable and the pacing slips from time to time, but this is still a solid book. As I ve mentioned before, I m not really into this Historical Fantasy type of books I like Urban fantasies Since I m having a hard time waiting for Diana Francis other series, Horngate Witches, I ve decided to read this series of hers.Having said that, I was curbing my expectation for this book Surprisingly, I liked this book Sure there were a lot of, huh what s that and lots of travel travel for days Those I didn t care for But the plot was captivating and the characters are interesting I liked it It reminded me of the Study Series which I totally loved So I m going to read the next one Right now Sorry to those who wants to read summaries I m not so good with those Besides, there are lots of other GRs who write better summaries Read those instead These are my thoughts and reactions towards the book.