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Chyna Greer was sixteen when her best friend Zoey disappeared Though very different in looks and temperament the two girls shared a bond that was stronger than blood But even Chyna's urgent warnings couldn't prevent a love struck Zoey from sneaking out to the lake to meet her secret crush and being swallowed up into the warm summer night forever Now Chyna has come back to her West Virginia hometown of Black Willow to lay her mother to rest But memories of Zoey are everywhereand then out of nowhere Chyna hears a voice Zoey's voice begging for her help As Chyna delves into Black Willow's past she learns that two other teenagers also went missing Soon Chyna's search for answers becomes a desperate race to uncover a chilling secret that strikes at the heart of everything she holds dear and reveal the remorseless evil that has been hiding in plain sightCover Artist Tom Hallman

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