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Bold sexy and daring these stories portray a world twisted on its axis an unconventional place that resembles nothing so much as real life in all its grotesque beautiful glory Bender's prose is glorious musical and colloquial an anthology of the bizarre In 'The Rememberer' a man undergoes reverse evolution from man to ape to salamander at which point a friend releases him into the sea while in another story a woman gives birth to her mother A grief stricken librarian decides to have sex with every man who enters her library A half mad unbearably beautiful heiress follows a strange man home seeking total sexual abandon He only wants to watch game shows A woman falls in love with a hunchback when his deformity turns out to be a prosthesis she leaves him A wife whose husband has just returned from the war struggles with the heartrending question Can she still love a man who has no lips?ContentsThe rememberer Call my name What you left in the ditch The bowl Marzipan Quiet please Skinless Fugue Drunken Mimi Fell this girl The healer Loser Legacy Dreaming in Polish The ring The girl in the flamable skirt

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