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Executive Summary Not nearly as enjoyable as the first book.Audio book Joe Manganiello once again does a fine job without really adding or subtracting from the story Full Review After finishing Dragon Bones I was left with some lingering questions and looking forward to this book For some reason this story wasn t as much fun It s hard to put my finger on exactly why My best guess is the pacing For such a short book, it felt like the plot meandered too much on unimportant details The beginning was strong It pulled me right back in again, and I thought everything was good to go But then it got slow in middle, and felt sort of rushed at the end I was sort of underwhelmed by the final confrontation especially.I guess since I wasn t having as much fun with the story this go around and it made the quality of the writing noticeable I m not one to spend much time commenting on the writing too much I tend to leave that for English teachers literary types.I care a lot about story and character development than I do about how elegant the prose are If you re entertaining me, I m not going to notice bad sentence structure dialogue.If I had to sum this book up with one sentence it would be Hurog means Dragon Why you ask Well because it s said at least once per chapter Often than once Or at least that s how it felt Eventually I groaned every time another character said it I wonder if the writing was just as bad in the first book and I didn t notice Hurog means dragon was said a few times in that book as well, but it didn t seem nearly so frequent I didn t really find the dialogue or prose that bad.Glancing over other reviews it seems like I may be in the minority It s quite possible that if you liked the first book, you may enjoy this as well, but I mostly found it to a disappointing sequel. Dragon Blood is hard for me to rate It s one of those old style fantasy novels that I feel like I have outgrown a bit But I like Patricia Briggs writing She gives equal attention to the world and the characters and spins a lot of plots in a small number of pages And I especially like how she develops romance So i will probably read from her old fantasy novels while I wait for her newest urban fantasy to be published. No, this wasn t perfect But it was one hell of a ride It hooked me up from the very first page and I couldn t set it down till the very end.It gave me goosebumps and kept me guessing and the romance was just right So yes, despite it s imperfections, I m rating it a 5 and setting it on the re read pile Because I loved it My view on Dragon Blood is that the narrative is suited for epic fantasy, but appears to have been reduced like a fine sauce making it chock full of history, legacy, prophecy, religion to the degree that I, as a reader, questions if it all really is necessary or if it could have been rewritten to simplify the world in which the story unfolds As in The Hob s Bargain there is a lot meat in the story, than what Ms Briggs puts to use in the story.It s a good story, although a bit harsher than Dragon Bones as the ruler of the land tries to stem the rebellion against him The harshness is somewhat balanced by the budding love story between two of the main characters Ms Briggs use of moving POV, helps to lift the story by giving alternative perspectives of the unfolding story.I sincerely hope that there will be a continuation of this saga as the ending is a bit abrupt and there is still uncertainties to unravel. Final rating 5 5 starsThis was awesome and worthy sequel of Dragon Bones I loved it, but i noticed that this one was a lot darker than the previous book But it was great conclusion to the series and i love both of the books Story was as usually, good and interesting but the book was dedicated to characters like the previous one But it concluded well it also happens 4 years after the end of the first bookCharactersWard i loved him in this book as well He has changed but not for worse, but for better he got the support of his people and he is now respected by them, especially by his uncle and his family He is strong even though he doesn t admit it, but he is also cunning There were some times when he thought he would go insane and be like his father, because killing became something he enjoyed but not always He is still interesting as usual, and i felt for him when they put him into major spoiler view spoiler asylum where he was tortured mostly for fun and for experiments hide spoiler Really, it s like 3 1 2 stars I found it a much easier read than Dragon Bones, but that my have been because dragons and dwarfs are not really my thing, so it took me a little while to get into that setting I haven t read much fantasy like this, so I don t really know how Brigg s story rates compared to other books in this genre, but I thought it was a quick and enjoyable read. Great narration and great story and plot. Mini Review Good book but I m left feeling unsatisfied because it doesn t seem to be the end of the series There s so muchleft undone It s not a complete story from start to finish like Dragon Bones That miffed me a bit This story is darker than the first and gives hints to amazing things that we may never get answers to I think I m disappointed because there isn t a third book for me to jump into Ok If I take that bit away, I would say, this was another engaging adventure into the world of the Hurog Darker aspects that are frightening even though not a lot is said It s left up to the reader s imagination Mine can get pretty horrific But those parts are balanced by love, fighting for values and the capricious allure of magic Good book I want Yet, this does not compel me like the first and is not an instant favorite. Irresistible Fantasy From The New York Times Bestselling Author As The Rebellion Grows Against High King Jakoven, Ward, Ruler Of Hurog, Realizes He Must Join With The Rebels However, Jakoven Can Crush His Enemies With Dragon S Blood The Very Blood That Courses Through Ward S Veins I ve listened to 3 hours 49 minutes, and have 5 hours 45 minutes to go It s not bad, although it s not great I m not opposed to finishing it one day, but at this point in my life I m just not feeling it.