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Final rating 5 5 starsWhat an awesome book Really I just couldn t put it down I loved the writing even though it was switching from first person to third person, but i loved everything about it Especially the characters, they were brilliant, fantastic and believable I loved the story, i loved the setting and i loved everything about it P.s the image cover is Danish, but it s awesome I am at loss for words at how epic this book is.The story was quite interesting and to me it was even darker than The Blade Itself or Wizard s First Rule combined Patricia Briggs sure is brutal woman D good jobStory Hurog means dragonIn a world where there is one king who rules the five kingdoms and where all of the dragons had disappeared, the story is set into kingdom of Shavig once home to Dragons Ward was always thinking that best way to keep staying alive was to act like an village idiot because his father would kill him otherwise His father thought of him as a threat to his own throne, and therefore injured him one day, severely, and from that moment on, Ward started to act like an idiot One day, while searching for his sister Ciarra, he found someone he didn t expect Their keep s own ghost Oreg And then, his father dies, but is he truly free No, he isn t because he has to prove that he is not, in fact, an idiot, and that he is capable of ruling on his own Ward finds out later that Oreg is not an ghost, but rather a mage of the Hurog family, bastard son of the great hero Seleg of Hurog, who cursed Oreg into a guardian of Hurogmeten the rulers of Hurog by bounding him to a ring and a guardian of the Hurog keep The same ring which now binds Ward and Oreg togetherCharactersCharacters were just amazing They are of all kind, and all of them are uniqueWardI love Ward, he is also genius and is also fun and righteous guy.He is also the main character and is hair to Hurog His father was quite a monster, he abused everything he could And when he almost killed Ward because he saw him as a rival, Ward decided to stay low and appear as stupid So when his father died he didn t grieve at all.Unfortunately for him, his playing of being stupid really made him talk slow and the perception of himself turned to be serious than he thought it would be Still, he is really smart, and having the chance to prove it, he took it Oh and he is 19 D and yet this book is still adult, thank god.He is not an user which i loved, because if you have powerful mage by your side who is in so many wrong ways bound to you, wouldn t you use him for your goals He didn t and that is what i like He thinks of others than he thinks of himself Except for the fact that he would be killed if he wasn t acting like an village idiot Still, he is protective type, he would do anything for everyone his to be safe He is also a wizard, and it s rare in his bloodline because of the family curse, so he can only track lost people and lost objects His other powers were cut from himOregOreg on the other hand is my fav character i just have a thing for tortured heroes P He is actually very interesting guy He is funny sometimes, sometimes sarcastic, but sometimes he reminds himself of what he is and that he will never be free It was hard for him to understand that after almost a thousand years of slavery to whims of his masters, he finally got someone who treated him like an equal Ward showed him patience and has never struck him or threatened him, but still for Oreg, it was his way of life which he didn t enjoy In many situations he was afraid because even though he couldn t be killed he could still feel pain and since he is powerful mage, if he is stuck into past, he will start feeling everything again in present Oh, and he isvery powerful mage I was shocked near the end though, MAJOR SPOILERS view spoiler I AM SERIOUS, DON T CLICK IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE BOOK view spoiler but i was glad when Ward really major view spoiler killed him, because all he ever wanted was to be free and not live in terror because living all these years being constantly abused was not the way of life he wanted and he thought that by being dead he will end it and only Ward could do it because he wore the ring AAAAAAAAND ANOTHER SPOILER view spoiler he didn t die, he was in fact a dragon and his idiot father made a copy of Oreg s body and put his soul in the copy So he returned into his body and stayed alive hide spoiler Ward has only ever wanted to be the Lord of Hurog, he has protected himself and his siblings from the current Lord, his own father, with a shield of his own feigned stupidity and brute strength However, his father has died and the very thing that has protected him, his pretend idiocy, has caused the Lordship of Hurog to pass to another To protect himself and his sister and to get Hurog back Ward must prove that he is no idiot, and he sets out on a quest to regain his birthright Patricia Briggs is better known for her Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series, series that I am a massive fan of, so I am not quite sure why I was so surprised when I absolutely loved this book It is a complete different genre, Fantasy rather than Urban Fantasy Romance, and there is little to no trace of romance in Dragon Bones, but that didn t stop me from reading this book cover to cover in one sitting What drew me in and kept me reading so avidly was the characters, especially the main character Ward and Oreg the enslaved ghost of Hurog Ward s intensity in regard to Hurog was palatable and often mistaken for ruthlessness and I enjoyed watching him struggle into his mantle of leadership However, the most interesting character was Oreg, enslaved to whomever is the Lord of Hurog he was the spirit of the keep Sarcastic, tortured and slightly mad, Oreg was both heart wrenching and funny and the book wouldn t have been half as good without him.In regards to the world that Briggs has created, it was interesting but also fairly simple in comparison to other Fantasy books I have read, it didn t have the deep and intricate histories that some authors build and as this is a duology I doubt this is something this series will build up This isn t necessarily a bad point, just something to be aware of, if you are looking for an epic fantasy this won t be the book for you But, if you would like something that will have great characters, an easy plot and a bit of action then this book is perfect I really loved this book, definitely one of my favourites so far this year and I can t wait to get my hands on the next book. Executive Summary A fun political fantasy.Audio book Joe Manganiello is a fine reader, though nothing special He neither adds nor detracts from the story at all Full Review This is my first novel by Patricia Briggs The name was familiar to me, but I wouldn t have been able to have named you any books or series by her.I couldn t tell you if this is her usual style of book, but if it is, I ll definitely be interested in reading This doesn t seem to be as popular as some of her other series though I found this a quick and enjoyable listen.It s a play on the chosen one trope, but there is of a focus on politics Our protagonist has been playing stupid for years in an effort to reduce the chances his father finds him a threat and killing him.Unfortunately for him, this means that his father also doesn t trust him to take over after he s gone and names his uncle to rule in his place, at least until his 21st birthday So of course our hero sets out to make a name for himself and show his uncle that he s not really the fool he s been pretending all these years.And of course he gets swept up into events bigger than himself and must rise to the occasion or see his friends, family and home suffer.In a worlds where dragons are long extinct and magic is dwindling, this is political than fantastical overall, but there is certainly enough in there to make it than a historical fantasy.This is book one of a duology, but I feel like it came to a pretty good stopping point where I don t feel I need to rush out right away to read the second book, or given it s shorter length like it was simply one book that was split in half.Overall, I found this a fun and lighter book and I m looking forward to listening to the conclusion soon. This is one of Briggs earlier works It is a sword and sorcery type of fantasy As some readers have stated, it does seem to pack an awful lot of world building into a relatively small space It was also a bit jarring when she went from a 1st person chapter to a 3rd person chapter so she could include some info about other characters in another place Despite the fact that some of the polish of her later works is missing, I was drawn into the story and didn t get bored at all I listened to the audio version and it was adequately done if sometimes a bit monotone. A Magical Tale From The New York Times Bestselling Author OfIron Kissed Riding Into A War That S Heating Up On The Border, Ward, The New Lord Of Hurog, Is Sure He S On The Fast Track To Glory But Soon His Mission Takes A Deadly Turn For He Has Seen A Pile Of Magical Dragon Bones Hidden Deep Beneath Hurog Keep The Bones Could Prove To Be Dangerous In The Wrong Hands, And Ward Is Certain His Enemies Will Stop At Nothing To Possess Them edited 12 08 13Once upon a time, there were dragons Once upon a time, the men who made alliances with them became the Hurogmeten, the guardians of dragons Once upon a time, the lands of the Hurog were fertile, the people content, the world full of magic Once upon a time, there were dragons But that was long ago Now, Ward, the son of the Hurog, lives in a decrepit castle where the lands themselves seem to be dying from the slow corruption of magic The dragons may be gone, but Ward is quite familiar with monsters his abusive father destroyed their family and drove Ward himself to apparent idiocy After one of the many occasions in which his father beat Ward into unconsciousness, something in the boy s head was knocked a little loose ever since, he has managed only stilted, halting speech When Ward discovered that he was considered as slow as his speech, he cultivated an appearance of idiocy as a shield against his father, disguising his intelligence until he would finally be free Now this day has finally arrived, but Ward s own disguise has backfired because of his apparent mental handicap, he is considered unfit to rule over the Hurog Determined to regain his lands, Ward decides to head off to an incipient war with a small band of loyal followers to become a war hero so that he can use his heroic reputation to regain his lands Due to my disapproval of GR s new and rather subjective review deletion policy, the rest of my rather verbose review is posted over here at Booklikes. A really well done, entertaining fantasy I had heard that Briggs was known for romantic fantasy, which made me a bit apprehensive, but there was really no relationship type romance in this story at all.However, it was definitely a romance is the old sense of the term Ward, a young heir to a remote fiefdom, had pretended to be brain damaged in order to avoid his vicious father s jealous beatings But when the old man passes away, he discovers his ruse, although it may have saved his life, has now gotten him in further trouble Emissaries from the king arrive, searching out a runaway slave, and when Ward sticks his neck out to protect her, that s simply of an excuse to enforce anorder from the king that Ward should be institutionalized and the property left to the care of his uncle.Not caring for the idea of the institution, Ward, with the helf of the family ghost runs away with some loyal friends and followers, hoping to become a mercenary and rescue his reputation by gaining reknown as a warrior.His true desire, however, is still to gain title to his hereditary lands with which he feels a magical bond which could have something to do with the mysterious dragon bones hidden in the basement of the castle.A good mix of traditional elements and unexpected twists puts this story a good cut above the average fantasy. Dragon Bones is an entertaining, fairly short fantasy story with a great main character Ward has been pretending to be someone he s not for years since he fears his father, but after his father dies he has to prove he s capable of taking his father s place The beginning and ending tie together quite satisfactorily, and despite some slow pacing, it s a fun book.3 1 2 stars Liked it and definitely want to read the next book Full Review 3.5 Stars I want to preface this review by saying that my rating is based on my personal reception to the book than the actual contents and structure of the writing Overall, I enjoyed this read and felt the storyline was engaging with complex characters whose personalities were multilayered and dynamic I think, for myself, that I enjoy a romantic component in my reads which was relatively absent here and that simply left me wanting I also needed clarification of the world building and the connection between characters it was somewhat challenging for me to follow the intricacies of the story, which could simply be my abilities and not necessarily a flaw of the writing If you enjoy high fantasy with little romantic aspect then I strongly recommend this read. Okey, so I bought this audiobook because I wanna listen to Joe Manganiello s deep timbre Can you blame me Anyway, I like his voice so that makes the narrator a 5 out of 5, right Well, the thing is I had to buy the paperback as well because there were parts I couldn t quite understand and had to replay them a few times before I get it Having the book to read as well makes it easier for me But I am pretty sure this is a fault on my part rather than Joe Manganiello s narration And besides he is not really a professional audiobook reader like Johanna Parker and Jenna Lamia, now is he He is a model, for Christ s sake Look at him However, Patricia Briggs story telling quality is masterful As per usual And since I am a long time Patricia Briggs fan, that is biased as well I am just disappointed that there isn t much dragons in this book When I first encountered this book, I was expecting a dragon or two, by it s title But like just dragon remains, i.e., dragon bones And if you are like me, a dragon freak, then that is a downer, because I like to see dragons flying Anyway, Patricia Briggs world building makes up for it because it is simply fabulous As you might have surmised by now that I really loved listening to this book so I d give it a 4.5 out of 5.Empirical Evaluation Story telling quality 5Character development 4.5Story itself 4Ending 4.5World building 5Cover art 3Pace N ANarration 4.5Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5