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An Impressive Contribution To True Crime StudiesRipperology A Sometimes Obsessive Interest In Studying The Crimes Of Jack The Ripper Is A Subject Of Timeless Interest That Has Suffered From Confusion, Exaggeration, And Hyperbole For Over A Century Jack The Ripper Was Probably The First Serial Killer To Appear In A Large Metropolis At A Time When The General Populace Was Literate And The Press Was A Force For Social Change The Press Was Also Partly Responsible For Creating Many Myths Surrounding The RipperRobin Odell S Ripperology Is The First Study To Present A Sequential History Of Literary Investigations Of Jack The Ripper S Crimes And To Address The Seven Principal Phases Of Ripper Speculations The Initial Wave Of Journalism That Followed The Murders The Revelations Of Highers Up In Scotland Yard Who Pretended To Know Than They Actually Did The Period Between And When Sensational And Factually Shaky Book Length Solutions Were Proposed, Including The Theories That Jack Avenged His Son S Syphilis Or Was A Female Midwife In Disguise The Dawn Of Responsible Study, Between And , In Which The Author Himself Played An Important Role Better Documented Studies Spurred By The Opening Of Scotland Yard Files In The Explosion Of New Ripper Hypotheses In The S And Current Theories, Including Patricia Cornwell S DNA Based Accusation Of Artist Walter SickertRipperology Does Not Attempt To Give A Detailed, Encyclopedic Account Of The Murders Rather, Its Aim Is To Tell The Story Of The Extraordinary Literary Efforts Directed At Solving The Mystery While There Are No Formal Conclusions, And This Book Does Not Seek To Saturate The Reader With Minutiae, Exaggerated Claims Are Debunked And Misconceived Ideas Are Dispelled Author Odell, Having Studied These Unsolved Serial Killings For Four Decades, Guides The Reader In His Easy Narrative Rich With Documentation Ripperology Will Be Welcomed By True Crime Aficionados

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    B 75% More than Satisfactory Notes A competent summary of the key literature, but messy, with scant analysis of Ripperology as a unique field of study.

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    This review with all the links included can also be found here I m going to start with this caveat first If you have no prior knowledge on the Ripper murders, do not start here.Seriously.This book is of a historical literary analysis of books that have been written about Jack the Ripper and who he is Literally, there is about pages of information about the murders This doesn t include the suspects Odell is an established Ripperologist and this is written for those with a serious interest in the crimes But, if this whets your appetite, I d be happy to direct you to some books I personally liked and gave me a grounding Luckily, I have a huge interest and knowledge base about dear old Jack.I ve read quite a few books, read shows, watched movies, did some tours, etc Basically, I ve been interested in Jack since I was nine Yeah I was a weird kid But, that s for another time.As I said, this book is of a historical literary analysis, following the trends through the years and Ripperologists Odell had to say about people from the 1960s and on, but this book cuts off in the early 2000s so new evidence that has come to light wasn t included.I loved how thorough Odell was He covered serious theories that I ve heard many times, ones that are serious but I haven t heard of too much because books I ve read dismissed them, and the crack pot theories that I love Such as, the Duke of Clarence Queen Victoria s grandson was the cause of it and the basis of From Hell, both graphic novel and movie and that it wasn t Jack the Ripper but Jill the Ripper.Odell went through it all, combing the evidence that was available to him and all the books that made a mark on history For good and for bad, too He treats it all evenly, which I really like While Odell is dismissive of the ridiculous theories, he still examines all the evidence and then shows how it doesn t quite work.The only downside is that this doesn t account for some recent advancements Mainly, I m referring to the book Naming Jack the Ripper I read this back in 2016 and was impressed by it because it brought in DNA evidence that linked one of the prime suspects to the history I would have loved to see Odell s thoughts on it since it sounds like Cornwell s book, Portrait of a Killer, which he examines in lots of detail Aka, he tears it down.While this book is for a very specialized group of people, it was very interesting You just have to know your stuff already and have read some of the literature Unless you want to do a bunch of Googling while reading.

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    I have tried and tried, and I can t think of a better word to describe this book than charming Which seems so wrong in the context of the Whitechapel Murders and Jack the Ripper But Odell is not writing about Jack the Ripper, exactly He s writing about the people who write about Jack the Ripper, what they write, and why, and considering the crazy theories that have been put forward in the last century, Odell s wry, generous, thoughtful voice is charming, like a Virgil to lead the reader patiently and clear headedly through the Inferno of Jack the Ripper Studies, otherwise known as Ripperology.Odell is himself a major contributor in the field, so he knows the ins and outs of the community of Ripperology very well He doesn t explain the actual historical crimes and investigations as well as Philip Sugden or Neil R.A Bell, and the occasional circumstances of the book s production the Kent State University Press asked him to write about the relationship between American Ripperologists and British Ripperologists for their imaginatively titled True Crime Series create an odd, intermittent emphasis on what the Americans happened to be thinking but he s very good at timelines and cross correlations and using them to poke holes in various whacked out theories His lack of patience for Patricia Cornwell made me very happy This is an excellent overview of the evolution of the historiography of Jack the Ripper, and a great way to get the gist of books you a most likely can t find and b most likely don t want to have to wade through the elaborate castles in the air accusing the Duke of Clarence, Walter Sickert with or without Sir William Gull , James Maybrick, and a number of other unlikely suspects , but that are important artifacts in the history of this particular and very narrow field of criminology.

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    Bit dense to get through Don t get me wrong, I m really interested in Jack the Ripper, but this is a bit of a weird setup because it s a catalogue of previous investigations re Jack the Ripper and it s an odd experience, I suppose I didn t quite get what I wanted out of it Odell is thorough, though, which is always reassuring to find.