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In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core she finds herself struggling to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do Then she meets alluring rebellious Marcus Finch a former Alchemist who escaped against all odds and is now on the run Marcus wants to teach Sydney the secrets he claims the Alchemists are hiding from her But as he pushes her to rebel against the people who raised her Sydney finds that breaking free is harder than she thought There is an old and mysterious magic rooted deeply within her And as she searches for an evil magic user targeting powerful young witches she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her magical blood or else she might be next

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    No Just no I've literally just finished The Golden Lily and I feel like screaming and cryingand screaming and crying some The ending was pure tortureRichelle when your lying in bed at night please think of us Adrian Ivashkov fans sitting at home re and re reading chapter 24 looking a bit like this2013 is TOO far away I NEED my daily dose of AdrianUpdate GUYS GUYS IT HAS A TITLE The Indigo Spell It sounds freakin' awesome D But O February 2013? Too long Update A cover Omg A cover I love the colour I love Adrian I love Sydneybut wait a minuteWHY IS THERE ANOTHER GUY? NO NO NOO I NEED THIS BOOK NOWimage error

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    I know My gifs are all gonebut the review was too long XDUPDATE OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG GUYS I'M DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE AND OMG WHO AT THE END HAD BIPOLAR FEELS FOR SYDNEY? I was about to kill the girl one second and then she ACTUALLY decides to use her brain and make mumma proud WOOOT D FLAILY FANGIRLY REVIEW TO COME XDHoly mother of all things good and sanewhat iswhat has the world come to? I'm sorry I know I'm supposed to be writing a sane review which will give you guys enlightening insight into the book but scoffs that's not how this is going to go down AT ALL First of all I'm going to really uickly address the people who have read the bookblank stare secondly I'm going to address the people who haven'tWHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS? No really pick it up now because you honestly don't know what y'all are missing out on Especially all you fellow Sydrian's out there I never thought as this series went along that the books would get better instead I thought they'd lose the appeal they once had but that's not the case at all Richelle Mead once again manages to put together a helluva novel with just the right amount of suspense mystery magic action vampire delicousness evil witchiness AND romance I don't know how she does it but she has once again brewed together a hot and tasty bestseller Well done Miss Mead well done Once again our main protagonist Sydney Sage is back with a blast but this time with a smexy sidekick cough Adrian cough and even on her plate than a battle bw good and evil Not only does she have to deal with her witchy training but also babysitting a bunch of supposed creatures that she'd been warned about her whole life falling in love with one of them battling evil witches breaking long held bonds and basically having everything she's ever believed in come crashing down beside her With an evil witch going around killing innocent girls Syd's had to increase her witchly training Her relationship with Adrian also grows complicated with every steamy kiss What she once thought was the truth turns out to be a lie leading her to make a dangerous descision that will change her life forever But of course this is all in a day's work for Sydney SageOk I'm going to start off by saying that I might have a slight crush on Sydney Sage Seriously Lot's of people don't like her for some reason but to me she's smart helpful and strong Yes she has the whole leaning towards anorexia aspect going on but with each book this starts to become less and less severe In this book she actually eats PIE YES CALORIE PACKED PIE Huzzah for Sydney Just like in Bloodlines and The Golden Lily Syd is back with her awesome investigative skills and kick ass moves I adore her for always trying to help out the best she can with everything even though she has a lot on her plate; shows that the girl's up for any challenge So overall Sydney did not dissapoint me at all in this book and that's a rare when it comes to the main character for me Speaking of main characters I OF COURSE have to bring up Adrian Ivashkovdreamy sigh He's on my top list of book boyfriends and always will be Why? Because he has a great sense of humor is poetic protective andjustcharming yah dig? I honestly don't know what Rose DIDN'T see in him but did in Dmitrieep don't kill me I know you can't help who your soulmate is ha ha Well anyway thank god she didn't choose Adrian because then we wouldn't have SYDRIAN gasps at the thought Sydrian was as strong and funny as ever in TIS especially because they were basically stuck at the hip throughout the entire book which of course I loved Adrian played Robin to Syd's batman and together they were able to destory the joker well in this case evil witches but there's really no difference ALSO and I warn you some of the scenes in this book between Sydrian will be sure to send you guys through the roof so make sure you're tied securely to a chair THE ROMANCE IN THIS BOOK WAS OFF THE DIGGY yesit deserves its own word Characters? Check Plot? Check plus Romance? Check PLUS PLUS I don't know how to put into words how flawless this book was to me I thoroughly enjoyed it laughed loved and lived through it breathed it worshipped it and basically made it my adobe for the entire read This series has not diasspointed me once and is slowly making its way into my top three favoritesI don't just recommend it I INSIST or else I'll shove it into your facemaybewellllyah I think I will

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    “I'm done with the pouting he said Done with being moody—well I mean I'm always a little moody That's what Adrian Ivashkov's all about But I'm done with the excessive stuff That didn't get me anywhere with Rose It won't get me anywhere with youNothing will get you anywhere with me I exclaimedI don't know about that He put on an introspective look that was both unexpected and intruiging You're not as much of a lost cause as she was I mean with her I had to overcome her deep epic love with a Russian warlord You and I just have to overcome hundreds of years' worth of deeply ingrained prejudice and taboo between our two races Easy” “But each time you use spirit you're likely to go crazy”“Already crazy about you Sage” “I know It’s certainly not to me And that’s why I’m not going to give you a hard time” He paused dramatically “I’ll just love you whether you want me to or not”“Whether I want you to or not? What on earth does that mean?”Adrian grimaced “Sorry That came off creepier than I intended He was too perfect despite being one of the most imperfect people I knew All I can think is Sydney and Adrian Yeahhhhhh Finally In the entire book Sydney was acting like she didn't want Adrian or she was lying to herself But in the end Adrian won because he is AWESOME SYDRIAN FOREVERI am okay Where do I start? Ms Terwilliger and witch problems? Marcus the Alchemists and the Warriors?? Oh fuck thatSYDNEY AND ADRIAN1In the previous book Adrian reveals his love for Sydney and she rejected him After that Adrian was moody and he was cold with her But Sydney and Adrian were invited to Sonya's wedding but she was supposed to being flying separately from him so people don't find out they are in the same place But something happen and Sydney gets switched to Adrian's flight Thank god Adrian was done being moody and tells her that he will love her even if it's hopeless And hey if I keep loving you maybe you'll eventually crack and love me too Hell I'm pretty sure you're already half in love with meI am not And everything you just said is ridiculous That's terrible logicAdrian returned to his crossword puzzle Well you can think what you want so long as you remember no matter how ordinary things seem between us I'm still here still in love with you and care about you than any other guy evil or otherwise ever willI don't think you're evilSee? Things are already looking promising” 2At the wedding Sydney was with the alchemists Stanton and Ian and Adrian was with his father But Adrian had other plans He asked her to dance At first all Moroi dhampir and humans were in shock because of the good relations she acceptedEven Rose and Sonya comment on how good they look together How Sydney cannot see that?3Then when they go on a missionwitches problem I'll explain later they end up at a college party and Adrian was drawing T Shirts and that leaded to kiss passionately on the floorAnd the next day “I sent a uick text to Adrian I have a hickey You can’t ever kiss me again I honestly hadn’t expected him to be awake this early so I was surprised to get a response Okay I won’t kiss you on your neck againSo typical of him No You can’t ever kiss me ANYWHERE You said you were going to keep your distanceI’m trying he wrote back But you won’t keep your distance from meI didn’t dignify that with a response” 4At the hotel when Adrian explain to her why he know she's in love with him Because of what her aura does when he touches her and he would kiss her if Alicia come inI wanted to killed her in that momentand later5Of course the spirit dream Sydney saw Adrian her dress she bought for her date with Ian “Piece of Heaven?No that other place I'm going to go to for thinking what I'm thinking” And then the kissing kissing than kissing But Jill wakes her upNow I am ready to talk about the other stuff 6Witch problemsAt the beginning Ms Terwilliger woke Sydney up and asks her if she was a virginShe drags her out to the middle of the desert so Sydney can do a spell but Ms Terwilliger cannot do it because she wasn't a virgin Ms Terwilliger is worried because her sister is nearby and she uses an evil spell to suck the youth and power out of powerful girls which means Sydney may be in danger Her teacher gives her a spell book so she can protect herself Sydney and Adrian go to the the hotel VeronicaJackie's sister stays but she wasn't there Also they went to warn the girls and give a necklace to protect them Later Aliciathe receptionist to the hotel calls them and told that Veronica came back They went back to the hotel and Adrian being Adrian distracts Sydney with his love and she pulled away and her cross come off We thought that Veronica took the necklace and she came to Sydney's dreams But Adrian every night came to her dreams so Veronica cannot reach her But it wasn't Veronica It was the nice girl Alicia I didn't like her but I did not see that coming She and Sydney battle at Jackie's house and caused fire And Alicia was in the house but afterwards they said that no one was found in the houseSo7Marcus the Alchemists and the WarriorsMarcus was an alchemist who is not longer that Sydney asks Stanton about him but she claims that he doesn't exist So she uses a location spelllike the spell she did to find Veronica and she found him Even though at first they attack to each other but then he sees that she is Sydney and says that he was looking for her Also she meets Sabrina who Sydney saw before with Warriors but she is actually a spy Marcus finds Alchemists and Warriors that want to leave their groups and helps them He also says that he can break the group compulsion in the Alchemist tattoos but that she has to pull off a mission to collect evidence of Alchemists and Warriors working together firstShe uses Ian's crush on herwith Adrian's helpP to get access to an Alchemist facility and using magic collects the information she needs She then agrees to the breaking her tattoo process but almost gets herself into a trap by uestioning her superior But she cover it upHmm8Anyway Sydney eventually decides to go to Mexico with Marcus to get her tattoo sealed and finds it hard to say goodbye to everyone especially Adrian who leaves her a letter Before she gets on the train to Mexico she changes her mind and realizes she loves Adrian and doesn't want to leave him9She follows the letter's directions Adrian left her and finds him at a museum of Roman antiuities Finally she tells him she's staying and that they will date in secretimage error

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    YESSSS This was my favorite in the series so far There was so much action romance and humor and SO many plot twists Sydney is one of my favorite female protagonists and I am in love with her character development Everything was just excellent and I cannot wait to see how the next book goes especially with that whirlwind of an ending

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    I was SO EXCITED to read an ARC because The Golden Lily was one of my favourite books of 2012 so naturally I couldn't wait to get my hands on TIS It was as phenomenal as I was expecting and my expectations for the SYDRIAN stuff were very high based on Richelle and Penguin's tweets I'm so happy to say that the book was HOTTER than I would have thought Adrian and Sydney's relationship develops a lot and Sydney finally realises her feelings for him We get to see Sonya's wedding too which was freakin AMAZING and it will kill you with SYDRIAN feels sigh There is a lot of HOT SYDRIAN stuff to look forward to and their scenes were definitely the highlight of the book They have the best chemistry ever and the sexual tension is killer Any SYDRIAN fan would worship this book Adrian was a total sweetheart as always and i really liked how he handled Sydney's denial and was uite patient with her His dialogue is brilliant as always and will make you laugh and swoon everytimeHis development in this series has been fantastic and I cant wait to see where his character goes In TIS we get to see sides of him especially how protective he is of Sydney and Adrian being manly lol 3 Sydney changes a lot in this book She's pretty rebellious and daring and she's definitely changed for the better She uestions the alchemists a lot and doesn't just take people's word for anything I really like that about her and it makes her relatable and likeable than when she blindly followed orders Marcus and Adrian have been very good influences on her She is also very accepting of magic both vampire magic and her own and uses it to kick some major ass Speaking of Marcus he turned out to be pretty different to what I was expecting I'm glad to say that he wasn't another love interest for Sydney and there is no sign of a future love triangle Marcus is uite mysterious and learning about his past was fun and the information he reveals is very interesting and makes the plot very exciting I'm not sure he'll be in the next book but I'm pretty sure we'll see him again because his role seems pretty important for where the story seems to be headingEddie wasn't in it that much sadly and I kinda felt bad about what happened to him in this book I really don't like Angeline any and am officially Team Jill Trey was kinda depressed and as much as I love him some things he said in this book made me kinda wary of him I suspect he might do some bad stuff in the future Ian returned and he was kinda bland but it was cool to see him backThe plot was really cool and other than the SYDRIAN romance which is a VERY big part of the book there were two main plots in the book There was a lot going on and it kept the pace of the book pretty enjoyable There were also some twists which were unpredictable and they were good to see because TGL's plot was a little expected The ending isn't as painful as last time but made me very very excited for the next book image error

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    THE MORNING AFTERMaybe I shouldn't have stayed up all night reading thatRemembers ending of bookI CAN'T EVEN OMGOMGYESYESYESWAIT NO ITS OVER

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    I've never been a huge fan of Sydney but she really grew on me in this book Oh who the hell am I kidding I read this book solely for Adrian and he sure did not disappoint080512 I just noticed the finished cover released 071212 Left tattooed guy has got to be Marcus062612 Yay We have a cover Um who's the other dude??061412 The Golden Lily had me until the last pageI was like view spoilerYes Yes Yes NOOOOOOOOOO Are you stupid or something?? hide spoiler

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    Hooray my status with Richelle Mead goes from it's complicated back to in a relationship again throws confetti This review is spoiler free even if you haven't read any of the other books Bloodlines or VA booksVampire Academy is one of my favorite YA series and I'm usually a big fan of this author's but I've had middling reactions to her books across all genres since Spirit Bound and Iron Crowned I am happy to report that the magic is back again for this latest installment of the Bloodlines series which follows the problems that Alchemist Sydney Sage encounters as she tries to protect Jill the spare to the vampire throne The Indigo Spell picks up a few weeks after the events of The Golden Lily and Sydney is learning to how to cast spells with Ms Terwilliger Eventually she goes in search of the mysterious Marcus Finch an ex alchemist who apparently betrayed them but who may hold the key to secrets that Sydney is trying to uncover about the only way of life she's ever knownThings I thoroughly enjoyed The overarching story about the Alchemists' magical tattoos The idea that a special indigo ink might stop a particular aspect of the tattoo's power is really interesting and well done The physicality of Sydney using magic I always loved that part of Mead's Dark Swan series and there are shades of that descriptive writing here in the hum of energy and use of incantations The southern California settings which I obviously have a soft spot for Plus I think the bunny themed bed and breakfast might've been inspired by this crazy bunny museum in Pasadena There is NO love triangleyet The mystery behind Ms Terwilliger's missing sister Veronica is pretty intriguing she's not the first evil woman rud to steal the youth and beauty from young girls but that idea is always fun to me We don't see a lot of Jill thank goodness She drives me bananas Adrian seems like Adrian again After being such a mopefest in the last two books he's back to being so witty and charming that your pants may have disappeared before you've even noticed Sydney doesn't irritate me as much in this book There are also some reasons suggested for why she might be so very obedient There is finally finally some Sydrian chemistry I never bought the attraction between them and I'm still not 100% into this relationship but there are a few scenes that definitely show a spark between them Although I'm still not sure she really gets how awesome he is There is pie Lots and lots of pieuibbles? I don't really have any other than that Sydney's still not my favorite heroine I like her much than I thought possible but I just think Richelle Mead is better at writing kickass heroines I felt this way about Seth in her Succubus series too both he and Syd come off as wimpy and tiresome to me rather than reserved and brainy But Sydney's finally starting to become interesting or the story is becoming better suited to the things she might actually be good at with less time spent on all the things that showcase her annoying traits The plot in this book is much engaging than in the previous two and it's a relief that the author isn't relying as much on Rose and Dimitri appearances to transition things throughSo in closing if you enjoyed Bloodlines from the very beginning you're going to go nuts over this book But if you've had mixed reactions to the series thus far you may just find that this one is better suited to your taste I'm grateful that a copy of The Indigo Spell landed on my doorstep unexpectedly because I really enjoyed it and I'm definitely looking forward to the next installmentBut reallyAdrian can touch my aura anytime This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher

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    ♥“If I was drunk I wouldn’t be here at all And really this is pretty good for four White Russians”“White what?” I almost sat down but was afraid the chair might dematerialize beneath me“It’s a drink” he said “You’d think I wouldn’t be into something named that—you know considering my own personal experience with Russians But they’re surprisingly delicious The drinks not real Russians” Side note White Russian is really a great drinkThis was amazing I'm pretty sure that I'll die before I get Fiery HeartYou know after the second book I was really afraid that the whole begging of this book would be WITHOUT Adrian So I was really happy that he was there almost all the time And he was charming as always Sometimes I was almost sorry for Sydney because she had really too many problems going on Anyway I'm really glad that she finally became confident with the whole situation it's such a relief Then since the whole Marcus think I was so afraid that Richelle will put a love triangle in this story view spoiler She didn't really good decision hide spoiler

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    I love each member of this “family” Sydney and Adrian They are the perfect couple I think I like them than Dimitri and Rose because we read scenes between them Adrian respects Sydney and treats her like a woman not like a child as Dimitri did with Rose the only thing that didn’t like between them They have passion and romance Finally Adrian finds what he deserves “You're my flame in the dark” Well done Sydney Thank you for making my love happy 3Jill and EddieI LOVE EDDIE Ι loved him from book tree of vampire academy He grew up He is touch but also cute with sense of duty and sense of humor He has everything I want I think no I’m sure I love him than Adrian I want him with JillAngeline and TreyOk Trey is not a member of the “family” but he is perfect for Angelina and managed to enter the family It was obvious they would end up togetherAngeline reminds me Rose sometimes when she breaks rules and kicks asses I hated her for hurting my Eddie but it was necessary for the Eddie Jill relationship so I forgive herNow about the story much interesting than the precious book with magic kisses secrets and plenty of romance and humor but not as perfect as VA to take 5 stars However it was enjoyable Can’t wait to see what happens next