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The Arrest Should Have Gone Off Without A Hitch Except That The Sexy Man In Tight Jeans Luce Montgomery Had Just Nabbed Was No Bail Jumping Fugitive He Was A Cop And Philip O Donnaugh Was Proving To Be Trouble Than Her Elusive TargetBeing Ambushed And Cuffed By A Beautiful Bounty Hunter Was A First For The Newly Installed Chief Of Police So Was The Passion She Aroused In Him Philip Had Come To The Sleepy New Mexico Town To Find Peace And Solitude Instead, He And Luce Were Tracking Down A Dangerous Criminal Together And Sharing A Lot Than Information Once The Job Was Done, Would They Find Themselves Fugitives From Desireor Passionate Partners In Love

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    I for some reason never could get into this book completely The setup was good, a bounty hunter heroine but somehow I didn t like it because the way the book was written the hero came across as being desperate and I did not enjoy that The heroine mistakes the hero for her bounty and cuffs him and then learns he is the police chief From their first meeting the chemistry crackles between them, but the heroine doesn t do casual or anything, she has a goal to open a PI business and she wants to stick by it and she also has this inner restlessness she can t explain though she refuses to acknowledge it is because she was adopted.The hero has his own issues too, he has been burned in love before and has kept things casual the past few years but somehow working together with the heroine and telling himself that he only wants sex, he knows it is , he also knows that she is not the staying type and will hurt him.Now, the problem was that the book seemed random, things suddenly just came up, like the possible issue of having found the heroine s past The loves scenes were hot but I didn t feel there was a connection, I mean the book never connected with me.The characters never made much of an impression and I didn t see why the hero was so dead set on hanging on to the heroine when she was so blunt and sometimes hurtful about leaving.Not her best work, I would recommend trying out Hard Case Cowboy or Enemy Husband.

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    The Warriors, book 3The bounty hunter gets her man Just not the one she thought Always searching Bounty hunter Luce Montgomery has been searching for something all her life Just what, she doesn t know But it s definitely not love Men are fun to date, but lassos and picket fences No way She d much rather be chasing bad guys than running around with bad boys.Live for today That s New Mexico bad boy Chief of Police Philip O Donnaugh s new motto Eat, be merry, and don t let stuff from the past rule your life But when he s thrown into a high action fatal attraction with a whirlwind bounty hunter determined to hunt down her man, he s suddenly thinking only about the future, and just as determined that the man she ends up with will be him.

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    This book was fun to read The suspence part didn t have me on the edge of my seat, but it was interesting The romance part was sweet, and the characters were great all the way down to the minor characters, even if the hero was a little too perfect The story was also well written All in all I had a fun time reading it and was well entertained I didn t regret a minute of reading this book, but its not that special that I ll want to read it again sometime, therefore 4 stars.