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Aeriel S Love Has Broken The Curse On The Darkangel Irrylath, Making Him Human Again And Freeing Him From The Control Of His Mother, The Dreaded White Witch But The Witch Is Far From Defeated Her Wicked Plans Require All Seven Of Her Vampyre Sons, And She Will Not Give One Up So Easily There Is But A Single Hope For The Witch S Defeat Solving An Ancient, Mysterious Riddle So Aeriel Sets Off To Solve The Riddle, Sailing Across A Sea Of Dust And Straight Into The Worst Of The Witch S Terrors But If Aeriel Is To Save Irrylath And Her World, She Will Have To Overcome His Bloodthirsty Darkangel Brothers And Ultimately Confront His Terrifying Mother Face To Face

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    The first book is a trial, and the second book is a journey What always strikes me about this installment is our heroine s transformation intoa prophet, a sorceress, a scientist, take your pick All her seemingly magical feats are explained so easily to her and to us as help from another or not my doing or not what I intended It reminds me of becoming an adult woman a string of events mostly outside of your control makes you become sought after, hated, desirable, a prize to control Aeriel s journey proves that she is still very much a child a child still in love with her first, most inappropriate crush The ending of this book always entranced and terrified me The Sibyl, the Feasting Stone, the slave markets of OrmAeriel s consistent fear of being re enslaved, of becoming ignorant and passive again, is most telling of her development She can t articulate that she s free, but she instinctively defends it.I used to feel such smug joy to find that Irrylath traveled halfway around the world to apologize for, essentially, not loving her back But as an adult I can see that his journey mirrors hers, just tragically out of sync When they meet again, it is still as two strangers who would chase the idea of each other to hell and back but still, painfully, have nothing to say to each other.

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    Following on the heels of THE DARKANGEL, Aeriel and Irrylath were married but in name only She was aware something was amiss and, before long, took it upon herself to find out why A riddle, her staff, the gargoyles and magic accompanied her on another adventure.I fell in love with the author s unusual words, crisp descriptions especially of food and the many gray areas of the plot Each character Aeriel met taught her something about her destiny without her actually aware of it By the time I finished this story I realized I had to read THE PEARL OF THE SOUL OF THE WORLD as soon as possible I wanted closure for Aeriel and all of her fellow travellers I sought a finality to the White Witch And, most importantly, I desired a happy denouement for Aeriel and Irrylath.

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    please god, let girls stop reading stephanie meyers read this series instead

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    This review is for A Gathering of Gargoyles and The Pearl of the Soul of the World Some might think that the Darkangel Trilogy is in the paranormal genre because of the vampires, but it isn t It is mostly fantasy and even a little sci fi Pierce creates worlds, new species, and terminology The cover quote describes the books as Heart warming and Heart breaking and it truly is Aeriel is a good heroine who follows the path of self discovery She learns that to do great things it requires sacrifice Nothing comes easy Anything worth having is worth working for I love that message The other main characters Prince Irrylath and Erin are very relatable At first, Prince Irrylath seems uncaring and indifferent towards Aeriel Aeriel even calls him her husband in name only Through the battle and eventual victory over the White Witch, Aeriel realizes that Irrylath does love her Erin is a dark girl from Bern who Aeriel saves from a Darkangel She is the truest friend anyone could ever have Some of the secondary characters did not come off the page well I was hoping to feel for Ravenna and the White Witch My biggest criticism is that Pierce uses words that do not exist in the English language If they do exist there is not modern meaning and not in the dictionary I understand a new vocabulary is part of the world creator mentality, but it irks me to not know words on a page Pierce also uses a couple different names for the Darkangels vampire, icari, birdman and the White Witch lorelei, oriencon, sorceress It just gets confusing Anyway, when you re reading this prepare to concentrate Overall, I think this is a good read It will exercise your imagination and take you away if you let it Very creative Enjoyable.

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    I found this book to be less interesting and enjoyable than the first and third of the trilogy, but still good I was somewhat irked by how predictable several of the supposed twists were Parts of the story lagged a bit too, and the book didn t have the same fairy tale feel as the first book Certain parts were really neat though, like the dust shrimp and it s metamorphosis later in the story.

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    This is the second book in the DarkAngel trilogy If you liked the first book you will like this book More happens in this book and it is just as creative as the first one You definitely need to read the first book before reading this book though.In this book Aeriel is living in the palace with her Prince, Irrylath and his family the problem is Irrylath cannot stand to be around Aeriel because he is forced to be in love with the evil water witch When the second part of the rime prophecy is revealed to Ariel she is forced to go on a journey to make sure the prophecy will be fulfilled and to save Irrylath from the water witch.The tone of this book is similar to the first book Aeriel very much goes with the flow She is an interesting character in that she does not seek out action, the action comes to her Yet, she shows admirable strength in dealing with whatever hand is dealt to her This book is a bit of an adventure quest than the first one was Aeriel does a bit less waiting around but there is some inconsistent pacing Again Pierce has Aeriel go through a lot of action, then times passes as Aeriel waits, then action, then waiting.The storyline is very fairy tale like and very creative The writing is beautiful and descriptive at times you feel as if you are floating through the story It was a beautiful book and a great continuation of this story While the main story point was resolved, the major storyline remains to be resolved in the third book I am looking forward to reading the third book as soon as I can.

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    I sort of figured that this was probably one of those series where the first book is really the only story and after that the narrative just kind of limps along so you get the satisfaction of knowing about the rest of the main character s lives It s not though You can actually tell that this is the next chapter in the story There is to know and experience and there are still questions that you didn t even know you had about the first story More of the world opens up and we get to see just how alien this place and these people are Like in the first one, everything has significance and a purpose and it isn t taxing yet to try and guess what that may be The authoress gives you credit here You re going to figure out a lot of what s going on before the characters let you know about it, but there was at least one pretty impressive surprise for me at the end.Probably my only major complaint would be the lack of Aerial Irrylath I do realise that there needed to be a certain amount of off camera character development They ve got issues and this part of the story isn t really about them, but the couple of scenes they had together were quite good and pretty much a total tease I ll move on to the third book tomorrow and hopefully we ll get a resolution

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    This was the 2nd in the series and my favourite I ve always enjoyed the quests against witches such as LOTR and Narnia as a kid I still do in my early 30s I would have loved this book dearly in my youth.The middle of series usually are my favourite because the set up was already done but the ride isn t over.I enjoyed the journey Aeriel took on her quest to reunite the lons to defeat the White Witch who still has her husband ensared Irraylath is unable to love anyone until the witch is dead view spoiler The best parts were the different countries she went through and the various ways the icari pillaged the villages It was quite chilling when she meets her best friend Erin whose a fellow slave Erin has been tied to a tree in an orchard as an offering or when she s fed hungerspice and wastes away hide spoiler

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    I thought this book was enjoyable than the first I love books that take you on a journey with the characters, and a Gathering of Gargoyles did not disappoint Granted I worked out a lot of the rhyme before Aeriel did, but I liked that, it made me realise I understood and actually loved the book The gargoyles were adorable, although I never even considered them to be the lons until the lyoness nudged Aeriel in that direction It was an amazing book that I look forward to reading again and again, it is one I will not tire off The Pearl of the Soul of the World is next I just hope that it doesn t disappoint.

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    Second read SIGH So lovely This book is all set up for the conclusion in the next book, but Aeriel s quest to find all the lost lons keeps it from feeling like filler I m already feeling verklempt in anticipation of reading the third one probably this weekend.First read Pierce is such a beautiful writer I loved Aeriel s second quest and how quietly badass she is She s such a great heroine, and I really feel for her thus far unrequited love.