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I don t read true crime like I used to, because I m older, I have a kid, and reading about sex murders isn t fun any , and thanks to C.S.I crap, everybody thinks forensics is cool, and that makes it less cool But I ve read all of John Douglas books except the Unabomber one yawn, and the novel, because who cares , and this has been in my to read pile for years, and I thought it would be a creepy Halloween season read.John Douglas is the inspiration for the Scott Glenn character in Silence of the Lambs, you know he pretty much invented the behavior analysis that the F.B.I uses to profile killers This book is sort of a true crime greatest hits, in which Douglas takes some of the biggest unsolved or incorrectly solved cases of all time and applies his techniques to the evidence, giving the reader his theory as to what kind of person would commit each crime, and why the prevailing myths might be wrong Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden, the Zodiac Killer, the Black Dahlia, the Boston Strangler and are covered here The final chapter deals with JonBenet Ramsey, a case in which Douglas briefly served as a paid consultant, and this chapter is the weakest, as Douglas is obviously still defensive about the heat he took for declaring the Ramsey parents innocent He does make some strong arguments in their favor, though, and I believe him now than I did at the time Anyway, this is an entertaining book if you like this sort of thing Lots of fun to talk about. Douglas is one of the first criminal profilers in the country and he lets you know it He should have called this one The Me Me That Me Me This book is full of statements like I flew across the country at my own expense I had since refused any and all payment for my services to interview so and so It starts out well, but soon devolves into Douglas patting himself on the back and talking over your head. Violent Provocative Shocking Call Them What You Willbut Don T Call Them Open And Shut Did Lizzie Borden Murder Her Own Father And Stepmother Was Jack The Ripper Actually The Duke Of Clarence Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey America S Foremost Expert On Criminal Profiling And Twenty Five Year FBI Veteran John Douglas, Along With Author And Filmmaker Mark Olshaker, Explores Those Tantalizing Questions And In This Mesmerizing Work Of Detection With Uniquely Gripping Analysis, The Authors Reexamine And Reinterpret The Accepted Facts, Evidence, And Victimology Of The Most Notorious Murder Cases In The History Of Crime, Including The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping, The Zodiac Killer, And The Whitechapel MurdersUtilizing Techniques Developed By Douglas Himself, They Give Detailed Profiles And Reveal Chief Suspects In Pursuit Of What Really Happened In Each Case The Cases That Haunt Us Not Only Offers Convincing And Controversial Conclusions, It Deconstructs The Evidence And Widely Held Beliefs Surrounding Each Case And Rebuilds Them With Fascinating, Surprising, And Haunting Results Violent Provocative Shocking Call them what you willbut don t call them open and shut Did Lizzie Borden murder her own father and stepmother Was Jack the Ripper actually the Duke of Clarence Who killed JonBenet Ramsey America s foremost expert on criminal profiling and twenty five year FBI veteran John Douglas, along with author and filmmaker Mark Olshaker, explores those tantalizing questions and in this mesmerizing work of detection With uniquely gripping analysis, the authors reexamine and reinterpret the accepted facts, evidence, and victimology of the most notorious murder cases in the history of crime, including the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the Zodiac Killer, and the Whitechapel murders Utilizing techniques developed by Douglas himself, they give detailed profiles and reveal chief suspects in pursuit of what really happened in each case The Cases That Haunt Us not only offers convincing and controversial conclusions, it deconstructs the evidence and widely held beliefs surrounding each case and rebuilds them with fascinating, surprising, and haunting results.It s interesting to learn about the most famous murderers and murders From Jack the Ripper to JonBenet you get the incite of before and after the murders and the suspects and what the police and such feel about the cases I enjoyed it a lot. I m very hesitant about this book Although Douglas is a well respected and almost singularly talented profiler, having read one of his other books I found him to be exceptionally arrogant and dismissive about facts that don t fit into his theories I would never admit to knowing about this subject than John Douglas but leaving out evidence has never sat well with me, no matter how revolutionary the man is But I m really trying to go into this book with an open mind I m especially interested in his take on the Jack the Ripper and The Black Dahlia cases. John Douglas uses his experience with profiling to give his take on various famous unsolved Crimes such as Jack The Ripper, Lizzie Borden, The Lindburgh Kidnapping, JonBenet Ramsey and The Black Dahlia.He presents the evidence and explains what he believes from it He debunks some theories with his explanations as to why.It as an interesting book and I like that he supports his reasoning with his FBI experience of profiling crimes.These are cases that likely we will never know the answers to for various reasons which he acknowledges, yet they intrigue us and it is fascinating to get his opinions on them along with his reasoning. Famed former FBI profiler John Douglas took a thorough look at several historical cases that have kept people interested for many years, going through victimology and profiling of the UNSUB I learned many interesting facts about these old cases that I didn t know and I enjoyed his analysis of the crimes It was interesting to get the perspective of a profiler on cases that happened long before profiling was a thing He didn t have all the answers to solve the crimes, but he had some interesting opinions on what may have happened. I found the Jack the Ripper profiling particularly interesting as well as the Boston Strangler case This book also offered a new perspective on the murder of poor little Jon Benet, one which I have to say I now agree with. The Cases That Haunt Us follows Douglas as he explores several unsolved cases through history, ranging from Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia to JonBenet Ramsay, using his unique insight into criminal profiling to try and answer the ultimate question who dunnit This was an interesting read, helped greatly by Douglas having turned down the personality just enough to present himself as the expert he clearly is without being overbearing during his presentation of the cases He goes through each one methodically and logically, and it s easy to see where his conclusions lead A good amount of background knowledge and an obvious flair for writing also help to propel what could otherwise be quite a static book The chapters also flow together well, starting chronologically at Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden, with linking statements in later cases to the behavioural assessments of the former, which was a nice touch The little additions of past cases from his time working within the FBI to support his theories was also nice to read, and added a level of authenticity to his conclusions I found the Jack the Ripper case particularly interesting which surprised me as other than a trip to the London Dungeons I ve had no interest in the macabre murderer of the Victorian era However, I thought Douglas was able to provide a detailed and succinct retelling of the facts without diverging too much into the many weird and wonderful theories that surround the brutal killings In fact, I think this is really where this book appealed to me as it didn t go off on a tangent and stuck mainly to the facts and most reasonable explanations for the crimes My only real sticking point came with an overall feeling of incompleteness , which can only come from the cases all remaining unsolved Obviously this is something that can t be helped in this case, but I was left with an empty feeling at the lack of closure A nice addition to the true crime genre, but it still wasn t as good as Mindhunter. I have always enjoyed reading books by the famous FBI profiler John Douglas and this book certainly didn t disappoint Douglas reviews several famous cases, gives his views on them and then profiles several killers who were never caught including Jack the Ripper Others included the Zodiac Killer and the Lizzie Borden ax murders view spoiler He believes the Zodiac committed suicide and this was the reason he had never been caught and yep, Lizzie did her parents in with that axe but was probably temporarily insane as her parents had provoked her plenty The infamous Lawrencia Benbenek run Bambi run was innocent and framed for the murder of her husband s ex wife hide spoiler