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His byline appeared everywhere from LA Style to the Village Voice from Esquire to Hustler He penned scripts for twisted cult classics like Cafe Flesh and Dr Caligari He banged out shows for TV mega hits like Moonlighting Twin Peaks and thirtysomething But even when Jerry Stahl was making five grand a week he was shooting six Careening from his luxury home to LA's hellacious neighborhoods he financed a heroin habit that brought on the soothing hiss of oblivion while it stole his health and smashed his career Until in a private apocalypse straight out of Day of the Locust Jerry Stahl kicked smack and emerged cleanA searing strung out confessional in the lineage of Lenny Bruce William S Burroughs and Hubert Selby Jr PERMANENT MIDNIGHT chronicles one man's slide into the opiated abyss and his claw marked ascent back into the light heralding the return of the Urban Hipster to contemporary literature infused with savage humor and relentless intensity

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