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The Network and its affiliates used to be one of Oklahoma City's most organized crews No one knew exactly where they got the money to buy up businesses and real estate but everyone on the streets respected them Their criminal enterprise is unraveling quickly though as member loyalty is challenged and betrayal becomes the name of the gameTaz is dealing with almost than he can handle now that his crew is falling apart Cliff is still consumed by a desire for revenge against Taz and the two of them are locked in an epic battle for Tazneema's heart Meanwhile a vital member of Taz's team ends up dead This calls for a gruesome retaliation but when Taz discovers the killer's identity he'll have some serious choices to make Now Taz's leadership is being questioned by his once loyal crew Does he have what it takes to stay on top or is all this heat enough to make him want to leave the streets alone?Clifford Spud Johnson delivers an action packed tale of betrayal murder and revenge that will keep readers on the edge of their seats

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